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    The Milits Chapter 16

    The Milits

    -I recommend you read the previous chapters before this one!-

    <---- Chapter 15 .................................................. .................................................. ...................... Chapter 17 ----->

    Chapter 16 - Family problems

    She looks at the man who is now lying on the ground outside of the saloon. He sweeps blood from his nose and mouth.

    Mother Theresa: I seriously hate cowboys…

    The bleeding cowboy and his cowboy group run away in fear. The drunken customers start applauding and cheering for her. She turns around with a big smile, and wobbles back to serving drinks.

    Mia runs up to her mother; grabbing her arm lightly and look at her with a serious face.

    Mia: Mom! What’s wrong with you!? Why are you always doing this!?

    The drunken mother looks out in the air, and doesn’t seem to care how her daughter feels. She pushes Mia away, and takes another mug of beer.

    Mia walks out of the saloon both sad and confused. She doesn’t know what to do with her mother who has a drinking problem.

    -8 hours later-

    It’s a quiet night, and the moon shines in the middle of the sky. Mia and her father eat their dinner on the small table in their home in the town. Mia starts talking after a long awkward silence.

    Mia: Dad… Another cowboy was attacked by mom again…

    Her father doesn’t look surprised at all, and takes a few more sips from his somewhat cold soup before he answers.

    Father: I heard about it in town earlier. It’s nothing new…

    Mia: …But why does she hate cowboys?

    His expression is the same when he looks at Mia again. He seems to having trouble finding a good answer.

    Father: Well, cowboys are criminals, so it’s natural to hate them…

    He doesn’t look happy about it, and continue to eat his soup. Mia looks worried down at her own dinner, and thinks about her mother. There is a new awkward silence before yelling is heard from outside the house.

    Mother Theresa: I’m home sweetie!

    Mia’s mother wobbles into the house both drunken and bloody. The blood and bruises doesn’t seem to bother her, and her clothes are somewhat ruined. The father walks over with a towel, and starts wiping off all the dirt and blood.

    Father: Theresa… This is really not good for you… I really think it’s best if you stopped drinking alcohol…

    She pushes Mia’s father away, and starts wobbling to the bedroom.

    Mother Theresa: Shut up! You-You’re not my father or anything!

    She pukes right before walking in the bedroom. She doesn’t seem to care a bit, and continue on her way to the bed.

    Mia: …Mom…

    The door is slammed shut; making a huge sound throughout the house. Mia and her father look at each other in both embarrassment and worry.

    -The next morning-

    It’s early in the morning, and Mia’s father is already out working. Birds tweet around the town, and people have started walking around in the streets. Mother Theresa is still sleeping in the bedroom, and Mia walks over to the door to check on her.

    Mia: Mom… I know you don’t like being waken up in the morning, but I think it’s for the best right now…

    It’s quiet, and there is no answer from the bedroom. Mia knocks on the door to be sure she is heard, yet no answer.

    Mia: Mom? I’m coming in, okay?

    Mia opens the door halfway, and looks in. An awful sight meets her; finding her mom on the floor; shivering and sweating.

    -End of Chapter-

    Thanks if you read, voted or replied
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    Re: The Milits Chapter 16

    ...Wow. It seems every girl you put in this story has to have a dead mother Good job

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 16

    Nice chapter ^^ hmm...

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 16

    I'm beginning to like thresea

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 16

    it was a very nice chapter,

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 16

    Amzing chapter skylar

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 16

    Very nice chapter!

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 16

    omg! this is really good. i wanna cry and scream all at the same time
    good chapter. u have to hurry up and post the the next one :p

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 16

    this is really have a mother like that

    but anyways great job skylar as always!!! :p

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