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    White Zetsu involved in Rins Death

    After re-re-reading the new chapter I cant help but feel like the Zetsu's are being a little overly friendly to Obito

    now we know that Zetsu's can change into people whos chakra they've had contact with, now they just so happen to know that Kakashi and Rin are being attacked by mist ninja's who's leader by this point is possibly under the control of madara, dont you think it would be quite easy for zetsu's to have copyed a couple of mist ninjas in order to get Obito worked up and want to go save his friends only to see Kakashi fail.

    which would prove madara right about his views on life plus also it would unlock Obitos MS

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    Re: White Zetsu involved in Rins Death

    swirly zetsu is a good boy thoug .........

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    Re: White Zetsu involved in Rins Death

    I was thinking about the same thing. I think, Zetsus are behind all of this. They want to make Obito join Madara (as Obito is still obsessed about returning to Kakashi and Rin).

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    Re: White Zetsu involved in Rins Death

    I doub't Zetsu or even Madara had the intention on killing Rin.

    Obito has a friendship with Zetsu even now as an adult so if they were behind the death why would he still be friends with them? I don't get it.

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    Re: White Zetsu involved in Rins Death

    i dont think so because they didnt know that he promised kakashi to portect her or that he loves her

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