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    Koto/Yuko (Done)

    Let me introduce myself.

    NAME: Minobe Koto (As a female: Minobe Yuko)
    - Alias:
    AGE: 15
    ETHNICITY: White

    GENDER: Male( Though he tends to switch between Female and Male at his Leisure)

    What do you see when you look at me?

    EYE COLOR: His eyes are a dark shade of black.
    WEIGHT AND HEIGHT: 5’8,130 lb


    Head: Koto’s hair is a solid dark black with little to no variation in color. It is cut slightly short, and it feathers in many different directions, parting around his ears, allowing them to be seen. His eyes are a deep shade of black, causing those who look directly into his eyes to almost be lost in the darkness. His face is slightly gaunt but not enough for the bones of his face to be too prominent. His complexion tends to be flawless most of the time, besides the occasional pimple or training accident.

    Body: Though he isn’t very large, his body is lean and well balanced when it comes to muscular physique though if he wore tight cloths you probably wouldn’t see his muscles through them. His body is built for stamina, not for large amounts of raw strength. His body tends to be quite flexible when it needs to be, allowing him to perform acrobatics if need be. Due to his young age, his chest isn’t very broad and he may seem quite small to someone a few inches taller than him.

    Upper Body: When it comes down to basics, Koto isn’t exactly one to flaunt fancy clothing so when in a casual environment he will wear a plain black shirt similar in color to his hair, though when in a professional environment he will wear a somewhat complicated trench coat. The trench coat has a wide folded collar that covers his neck and the full length of the coat reaches to about his knees. The coat has two white stripes; the first covers every edge of the trench coat while the second stripe is about one inch farther into the trench coat. There is a pocket on each side of the trench coat around the chest area. The trench coat is held together by a strange three pronged apparatus that is connected to 3 strips of leather, which wraps around his back allowing for him to hold a large weapon there.

    Lower Body: Koto tends to wear slightly baggy jeans that allow a wide range of movement while also looking somewhat fashionable. The pants are a black color similar to his shirt. He wears an average, black, leather belt with the buckle showing the symbol for Konohagkure on it. He wears black sandals that allow for easy movement when in combat.


    Head: When in female form her hair is much longer than before, hanging down towards waist level. Her hair is a dark blue color, and her bangs reach down to shoulder level. Her bangs feather slightly, just as her male form’s do. Her face is more feminine then her male counterpart and as always, she has a flawless complexion. In tandem with her now blue hair, her eyes are a deep shade of blue that when stared into may induce feelings of being lost at sea.

    Body: In her female form she stands at 5’6 and weighs 120 pounds. Her body is quite feminine and has a slight but noticeable curve to it. Her chest isn’t very prominent and her breasts are around the High B size. Her body is quite fit looking, and one could see that she is somewhat small but in great shape.

    Upper body: Her outfit is similar to her male counterpart’s and has a large collar that covers her neck. Though there are some differences in their outfit choice, her top piece isn’t connected to the bottom piece but it is closer to a jacket if anything. The outfit has a piece of white fabric covering her chest area with a normal white t shirt underneath. The fabric on her arms is black with even darker black stripes going down the sides of it. The sleeves of the outer fabric reach down to her elbows and her hands are covered by fingerless, black leather gloves. On her neck she wears a necklace that has a piece of silver bent into the Konohagakure symbol.

    Lower body: She wears pants that are similar to her male form’s but they are slightly tighter in order to show off her form, but not enough that it would hinder movement. In a casual environment she would wear only these pants, but in a more serious environment she wears something similar to a skirt but it only covers the area behind her legs and a bit to the side. The skirt is held on by a belt but is able to be clasped to the upper body jacket in order to make a full trench coat. She wears black, leather boots that reach up to just below the knees.

    Who am I really?


    Casual Life: Being a child in the eyes of many, he likes to spend his free time wandering about konoha and enjoying the sites. He tends to be gentlemen like in his pursuit for personal enjoyment and will help people with miniscule tasks if they seem to be having trouble. He tends to be quite ecstatic when doing something good, as it pleases him greatly to know that he can be of help to someone. When in a casual setting he really feels as if there is nothing in the world that can stop his enjoyment of life. He is almost always optimistic about situations and will offer words of encouragement if need be. If someone offers him services that are above his expectations, he may reward them with extra money or something that they want.

    Professional Life: Even though he is quite young Koto is wise beyond his years due to his dabbling in the art of Fuuinjutsu. He is extremely well mannered and will rigidly conform to formalities of a given situation. He addresses all those with higher rank then him by their formal titles, though if told not to he will comply with their demands. Koto is a stickler for hygiene and manners and will scold those who don’t seem to take them seriously. Anyone who shows him that they have no care for acting professional will be looked down upon by him. He is fiercely loyal to those he is commanded by and will do as they say, but if the request is too atypical then he may add in his own opinion on the matter.

    Mission: When on a mission, Koto will play by the rules and will try not to stray from them as long as he can. If completing a mission means leaving an ally to die then so be it, he will follow the mission to a tee. He tends to approach missions in unorthodox ways and has no contempt for those he is told are enemies. If he is to assassinate a person then he will do so ruthlessly. If he accidently kills an innocent or he finds out the target he has slain was incorrect he will feel great moral obligations and to sedate them he may ask for some sort of punishment for his incompetence.

    Problem Solving: Being a Fuuinjutsu master, Koto has a knack for solving issues that can tend to become troublesome. Using his knowledge of the world he can help put aside the differences of quarreling parties in order to keep order. He doesn’t exactly like seeing people fight for petty reasons and he feels that it is his obligation to help people who need it.

    Awkward: Being the kind of child that would show you his odd collection of rocks before actually getting to know you, Koto didn’t have too many friends as a child. This lack of human interaction causes him to have issues talking to large amounts of people, or anyone he is attracted to. He has a small stutter in his speech when things like this happen and it can cause those around him to look down at his issues. If he is speaking to an old friend he can normally keep up a conversation fairly well, but if any sort of embarrassment befalls him then he will continue to stutter. When speaking of things that appeal to his interests he will almost never stutter but he tends to increase the speed of his speaking and may become slightly difficult to understand.

    Humble: Koto really doesn’t like to look down on others because he knows how it feels. He doesn’t boast about his abilities to others and tends to praise others even though they may not have done as well as they could. He tries to get everyone he meets to feel better about themselves in some way. He is quite good at making people feel good about themselves and will do whatever he can to ensure one is confident in their abilities.

    Casual Life: In a casual environment Yuko is almost as exact opposite of Koto, she loathes every living soul and will help nobody. She is quite devious and loves to pull pranks on those who show her no respect. She has qualms about ruining a person’s life in order to fulfill her need for anarchy. In this sense you can almost call her a domestic terrorist. She loves to cause chaos by the ways of psychological manipulation and will not do anything that might cause the deaths of large amounts of people. Though she tries to keep a bubbly persona when traveling throughout her village and most people will see her as a ‘girly’ girl. It makes her almost sick to her stomach when she acts this way but it must be so or people would get suspicious of her being the cause of their misery. She tries to be benevolent whenever possible in order to keep her kind persona in order, she may perform the same silly tasks as her male counterpart but she will most likely not enjoy it.

    Professional life: In a professional environment she barley follows rules, and will deviate from the task at hand in any way possible. If she is told to assassinate a man in a well guarded base, she will slaughter everyone in her path instead of doing so stealthfully. When regarded by a higher ranking member of society she will almost never call someone by their formal name but by whatever name or nickname she knows them as. These sorts of things can get her into trouble sometimes but being the insane person that she is she enjoys trouble. She feels no loyalty for others and doesn’t respect anyone besides herself. Though she is wreck-less in her endeavors she is still quite smart and will still go into a situation having a backup plan.

    Mission: Yuko feels no remorse for anyone, and will slaughter an enemy at a whim. During missions she is harsh and unforgiving and will punish people for failing at a certain aspect. She does not care who she is told to kill or maim and will do so not only for the monetary gains, but for self indulgence. She has trouble feeling happy emotions when she is serious and will only show an emotion like anger.

    Jealousy: Yuko is the type of person to become jealous if someone is stronger or has something she wants. She is also the type of person to take what she wants even if she has to resort to stealing. If she sees a girl with a cute guy, or even a guy with a cute girl she may become jealous and attempt to flirt them when the other isn’t around. She doesn’t take well to rejection and may lash out in anger when let down.


    Relationships: Both Yuko and Koto are bisexual and don’t care what gender another person is. If they find them cute, then they will flirt with them and see if they can score. Koto is a bit more on the shy side due to his awkwardness and has issues getting dates most of the time. Yuko on the other hand is extremely aggressive and will sometimes attempt to seduce others. Sometimes the personalities may switch suddenly and some awkward situations may occur but things such as that are rare and don’t happen to them often.

    [list][*] Fighting[*]Power[*]Drawing[*]Pranks[*]Work

    • people
    • Ignorance
    • Cockiness
    • Out of the ordinary occurrences
    • Following rules.

    HOBBIES: Both Yuko and Koto love to write calligraphy and will practice on random surfaces in the city.

    DREAMS AND NIGHTMARES: Both of them are quite afraid of death. Seeing it isn’t too much of an issue but when put in a situation where they may experience it would frighten them greatly.

    I got some skills.

    ELEMENT/'s: None
    CLAN: N/A
    VILLAGE: Konohagakure
    RANK: Genin

    This is my story!

    BIRTH PLACE: Land of Iron
    DATE OF BIRTH: March 21
    ZODIAC SIGN: Pisces

    Birth: Koto was born to a small family of samurai in the Land of Iron. His father was an average ranking samurai under the command of a kind Shogun. His mother had no formal training in being a samurai but knew of the techniques and training regime’s. At an early age he began learning to fight with weapons. Though he was also taught finer arts, such as pottery, but more importantly he was taught calligraphy. Even though he was quite young he was already quite good at calligraphy and began to excel at it more and more as he got older. By the time he was 5 he was almost a master at calligraphy. His ability to fight with weapons increased at a steady rate but not as much as his ability to write. Many people were amazed with his mastery of a brush being that he was so young.

    Childhood: As time went on Koto was being trained on how to be a samurai by his father. He was taught how to block projectiles with a blade and how to use it with ease. He really didn’t enjoy using a sword but he wanted to make his father happy. At around the age of 8 he and his mother got word that his father had been killed in battle and they were to evacuate as quickly as possible, due to a possible attack. As they were packing their things the attack had begun and their house was set ablaze by flaming arrows. The searing heat scorched the back of his mother causing her to fall to the ground in pain. She yelled for Koto to run away but he was awestruck at what was going on. Men closed in on the home and for the first time, he saw a ninja. The ninja’s had been sent on a mission to destroy this village as it had been hiding rogue ninja. Being only a child, he was not killed, his mother was not so lucky. They took Koto from the home and brought him to Konoha, his eyes glazed with horror the whole way.

    Ninja Training: When he arrived in Konoha he was given foster parents and a place to live. These foster parents were horrible to him and beat him profusely when he did anything wrong or disrespected them. He quickly learned to respect authority and call people by formal names. He was enrolled in the Ninja Academy after showing his knack for calligraphy. As he learned the basics in the academy he also discovered books that talked about an art of drawing called Fuuinjutsu. In the books it taught him about how one could channel chakra into certain symbols in order to have certain effects. To pass his Academy Graduation Exam he showed the teachers his ability to seal a weak jutsu inside a seal and then use the seal a second time in order to use the jutsu from before. He was passed and then made a genin.

    Abuse: As his time being a genin went on, so did the abuse he got from his parents. He was abused enough that he started developing a second personality forged from the hatred of his foster parents. The personality was quite feminine and captivated him sometimes but it was mostly the rage and hate he felt kept him safe. One day was they were beating him, his alternate personality took over. He grabbed a kunai and murdered the parents ruthlessly. He fell asleep and awoke to ninja inside his home the next morning. Being only 11 they didn’t accuse him of anything and he was set free and allowed to live on his own. As he got older, he would begin to change his appearance based on what personality had taken over at a given time. Many people think they are different people all together but those who do know who he is find it somewhat disturbing.

    The one behind the character.

    Name of the author/series - Name of the character
    CREATORS COMMENTS/NOTES: Haters gon hate.


    What a lovely night. A bright and shining full moon lighting up the busy streets of the village was always a sign of happiness and joy. Yuko had just finished getting all nice and pretty for a night in the town. She wore a white frilled dress with a short skirt and a red and white upper body piece. A large amount of black and white stripped ribbons were scattered around the dress with one just below each of her shoulders, one on her side, and one on her chest. The upper piece of the dress was frilled at the neck, the shoulders, and at the end of each of the sleeves. The sleeves were quite billowy and were open near the shoulder area. She wore thigh-high rubber boots and her hair was held back with a pin, her hair in a bun. The whole outfit was very formal but it was also functional if the need to battle ever arose, though she really hopes she wouldn’t need to use it in that manner. She walked through the streets with a smile across her face, her big blue eyes slowly scanning the surrounding area for a place to have fun.

    After walking for a short while she found what she was looking for, a game where she had to throw a ball to knock over three bottles that were sitting in a triangle formation, one bottle atop of two. She walked, or rather skipped towards the booth and asked the nice man if she could play a game or two. She paid the man a few ryo and he gave her a ball. The walls were adorned with prizes that one could win, from giant stuffed lions to toy kunai; there was a very impressive collection. But one of the prizes stood out of the others, a large stuffed kitten. It was so adorable that she just had to have it so she threw the ball and missed completely due to her excitement. She had two more tries but with each attempt she only knocked over one or two of the bottles. The man being the gentlemen that he was gave her one last chance to hit the bottles. With that final chance she threw the ball with all her might and end up breaking the table the bottles were on causing the bottles to fall to the ground. Embarrassed she snatched up the large stuffed cat and ran away with it.

    She quickly found an alley and decided to take it in order to hide from what she had just done, but as she ran down the alley she was looking behind her and didn’t see the 3 large men in front of her. Being the clutz that she was she ran face first into the men and fell to the ground, much to their dismay. They slowly walked towards Yuko one of them pulling a knife, telling her not to move and nobody gets hurt. They really shouldn’t have threatened her because just as fast as she had fallen over she had already jumped to her feet and smashed her foot into one of the men’s faces, sending him tumbling backwards with a broken nose. Both of the other men lunged at her but ended up smashing into each other as she had already gotten out of the alley, and began to look for a place to eat. After such unsatisfactory events she was quite famished and searched for a nice restaurant. The only appetizing restaurant she could find was The Civil Café.

    With a few leaps through air she landed directly in front of the entrance causing a few of the villagers to scatter in surprise. She walked through the door ignorant to the people around her which she had just frightened and was quickly given a table. It was around the center of the room but closer towards the back. She sat down and began to survey the area around her, a few average couples and single people sat around chatting as any normal folk would do but she noticed one boy sitting on the far side of the room watching as people walked in and out of the store. That sort of behavior tended to make her uncomfortable because why else would a person just sit around watching people unless he was looking for something.

    With that she sat and waited for a waiter to take her order.


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    Re: Koto/Yuko (Done)

    It was a great attempt, but you need 50 posts to make a biography. :/

    Also, there is a template to be followed.

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    Re: Koto/Yuko (Done)

    Best first bio I've ever seen. Hands down. But as previously stated you need fifty posts, and someone already has face-claim of Kirito. So you'd have to stick to the female version. Also you don't start out with anything, so you'd have to take fuinjutsuu stuff out, and put in what element you'd like to start training in first. Fuinjutsu is a tourny prize that you need fire and lightning mastery to learn so yeah. x_x
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    Re: Koto/Yuko (Done)

    Like they said >_>

    And you forgot to put the "[/LIST]" under the "likes" section ^^

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    Re: Koto/Yuko (Done)

    Best bio I've seen from a new person

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    Re: Koto/Yuko (Done)

    Nice bio though

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    Re: Koto/Yuko (Done)

    Wrong format and you can't change between genders but either way I currently have ownership of the Kirito bio and not giving out permission, that means you can't use his appearance either.

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    Re: Koto/Yuko (Done)

    Read the rules and the follow the template for the next time please.

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