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    Types of shinobis that aver overlooked

    Okay I say down and thought about this for a long time but I feel like posting this.

    I don't mean like one person (like tobirama or something) I mean like a types of shinobi like medical ninja, bug users , dogs users, stuff like that.

    To me I believe that the puppet master shinobis are overlooked a lot. Most people disregard they aren't as powerful when it comes to physical strength or flashy special moves. Most people overlook the fact that they have extreme chakra concentration/control, excellent timing, planning, and prediction skills. I mean if you think about it how each finger moves a certain part of the puppets body and how they have to make a quick adjustments in an instant when it comes to fighting. And also when it comes to making poison and traps it takes a lot of knowledge. When doing all these things they need skills in other fields to do those things.

    Also you have to think about crafting skills when it comes to making the puppet itself and how you make it to fit the way you want such as traps, poisons, ect. plus understand the weeknessess of other puppets. A lot of people say or why don't they just work on jutsus well most of their time is spent practicing and learning with the puppet and it must take time. For a ninja tool I have to say its amazing :D

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    Re: Types of shinobis that aver overlooked


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    Re: Types of shinobis that aver overlooked

    everything you said is 100% true +rep!
    Puppeteers are so underrated, it's scary...

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