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    Re: [Rain test]- Rairen

    Rain is an ability almost any bio can have (custom wise) and it's pretty strong and alot of people have just been given it over time without much of an actual test, which i regret, if i graded my own test from all that time back i probably would have failed myself. But if you don't agree, i still think rain is as cool as, if not better than sound. I mean, you can hit them in the head with rain that is a bullet from above and they have to find a way to notice it and counter?

    If you want to get better, find your own mistakes, that's what my old friend and mentor told me.

    I say it's a waste of my time as you can easily recheck and find your own mistakes. You just admitted you expected to fail when i judged it, why is that? I have nothing against you do i? I have nothing to gain from you failing, nor do i have any reason for wanting you to fail. I said it's a waste of my time as it's one thing i'm short of with working 2 jobs and having alot of RL issues and moving to canada next sunday. Grade your moves yourself then i'll explain everything i saw that i thought was wrong.

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    Re: [Rain test]- Rairen

    Sure, thanks for your time.

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