Itachi's death was somehow a salvation for him as he lived his whole life considered to be a traitor and hated by his brother. He died as the hero of Konoha who sacrificed everything for the sake of the village.
wut? itachi was an evil sociopath who made everything much worse for his village. he commited mass genocide and shoved a sword in his own mother's chest then mindraped his own brother repeatedly in order to get sasuke to murder innocent people. itachi ran his whole life from his duty which is why he saw death as a release. if the crimes he committed were heroic and righteous he wouldnt be begging for death's release to finally come. he was basically like nnoitora from bleach or a spartan. he fought and kept fighting in the hopes someone would appear powerful enough to kill him. and he made sure that person was his own poor brother. forced to slaughter the only family he has left, believing itachi to be evil. thats the worst thing you could do to your own brother. what kind of hero helps the enemy capture and murder 7 innocent jinchurikis with the intent to use them to start world war? if itachi wanted to prevent an akatsuki victory he would have done alot more to oppose them, maybe gather under his banner an army of his own.