im done with itachi/minato/madara/nagato threads. this is it for me. im just...fuking done.
ill only come back to debate for kabuto and AGAINST shodai/nidaime/other featless do-nothings.

im also tired with the constant accusations of fanboyism FROM OTHER FANBOYS. theres almost never a neutral party. and theres waay too much reliance on hype and speculations which is what happens when you decide to debate for someone who hasn't done anything. its even gotten to the point where people just grant power to ninjas who've never in their life ever shown such strength. if in 605 some ass fodder decides to say "zomg yellow flash/white fang/madara? HE IS TEH SMEX" you would all lap it up and treat it as undeniable fact from kishi's own mouth when it is really just that one guy's personal views. hype contradicts. hype can misinform. who expected minato to win so easily vs obito when he commented to naruto how freaking great he was that night and how no one can beat him except with unique powers?
why? jounin fights are so much closer and more interesting. the conclusion of most of those high level kage fights is "hax jutsu gg" or speedblitz gg. with jounin/gennin level fights you need to take everything into account, tactics/strategy/skill. i vastly prefer part 1 to part 2 anyways. good old swords, fists, and tricky strategic jutsu exchanges. and the location also plays much more of a role. facing kidomaru in a forest without byakugan? expect to get killed. facing kakashi in a lake? expect to have a waterfall in your face.

this is a call to arms. post more of those kinds of fights and interesting debates! not the SAME OLD "zomg madara solos" and "can minato beat itachi" BULLSHIT. they have been done to death and never have been very interesting especially considering those kinds of fighting styles. with MS its "sit behind susano lol". with minato its "bamflash teleport lol".
those were the days where ninjas actually had to think their way out or use tricks and traps. not spam hax.