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    Re: Kakashi DID know he had MS

    Originally Posted by; Chef Boy RD; Namilaze Haru; orona

    My opinion (and please refer to my post #256)

    Sasuke not using full MS. Look at his eye when fighting with Haku.
    It has only two '9'. I don't think that Itachi or his father told him about true MS.
    He activated it to analyse the movement of Haku.

    As for Kakashi, did he knows about MS (i called it as Basic).
    > At that incident, i say "No".
    > But after a certain time >YES, Kakashi know. (Kishi did not clarify when, but maybe future chapter will reveal.[/I]
    > Nickname - Copy Ninja Kakashi and/or Kakashi of the Sharingan

    Kakashi cannot remember the last part of what he did (where he killed Rin with Obito around,) and then fainted.
    Note: Ask yourself, do you know the last part of what you did, just before you sleep.

    Chapter 142. When on first encounter with Itachi (with Kisame), Kakashi told Asuma and Kurenai to shut their eyes.
    Itachi saw Kakashi's sharingan eye, and Itachi had to look down to avoid direct eye contact to Kakashi.
    Thus forcing Itachi to use Tsukuyomi which seem to be on higher level of sharingan and only those with Uchiha's bloodline.
    Chapter 260. When Kakashi encounter with Itachi again, Kakashi said he come Prepared..
    Prepared to me is; Kakashi need to know more and understand about Uchiha's sharingan various jutsu.
    How sharingan work and how to avoid /counter. And also he was with Sasuke all the time, as Naruto complained.
    That's is why Kakashi resort to use clone and attack from underground.

    But still he fell into the trap. But did not last long because Itachi use a substitute and just to delay them.

    Madara chose Obito because Obito can instantly activate his sharingan fully, and fast.
    Likewise, Naruto do able to learn fast, not in theory, but on practical training > that is why he like Kakashi to train him.
    Ultimately, both Naruto and Obito were capable of learning fast. It was their Objective.
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