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    a ninja is considerd in the society based on his/her manner and purpose of death

    first of all the first hokage did saved the village and the world from the reign of terror of uchiha madara but he died on a diffrent purpose which is bringing peace which lead them into trusting the enemy and died as tsunade says in one of naruto he made many changes in the shinobi world he died honourable but he wasn't a much hero as the third and fourth hokage who fought and succeeded in their attempt to protect the people and the village,also we have jiraiya sensei a really great great character of naruto series he was my best and he died trying to obtain intel that will save the world from ending he didnt succeed and lived he did succeeded but he died which made him a better hero than even the first hokage since we are basing honour of ninjas in their manner of death,

    look at kisame even though obito could careless about what had happend to him but he still considers him as a of vital importance to his battle plan he suceeded even though he die in the attempt.he was a good shinobi in his own crude way i suppose,then itachi he died trying to save his younger brother from weakness and revenge which he failed but was later revived and he did avery great deed that will last on forever he stopped the edo tensie.its boring as hell i know but in the series thats just how it is. so if tsunade dies and saves the other four kages then shes the new hero of the series.

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    Re: a ninja is considerd in the society based on his/her manner and purpose of death

    That's true.

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