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    Re: Does kabuto still have his powers

    i dont think that he still have his powers because he doesn't have Oro's chakra anymore.

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    Re: Does kabuto still have his powers

    Quote Originally Posted by Negative Knight View Post
    Orochimaru only deactivated Dragon Sage Mode and took back his own chakra, none of Kabuto's own alterations. This means he still has Edo Tensei, Suigetsu's Hydrification Technique, Kimmimaro's DNA and etc. People assume Orochimaru took everything, if he indeed did then he would sky rocket instantly on to the Top Ten List. Kabuto is still the same just without his snake like appearance, slightly less strength, healing capabilities and anything he gained from Oro's cells directly.
    Thanks neg knight I gave u + rep and like always you come up with the best analysis

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