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    The Milits Chapter 28

    The Milits

    -I recommend you read the previous chapters before this one!-

    <--- Chapter 27 .................................................. .................................................. .................. Chapter 29 --->

    Chapter 28 - "Farewell Lisfro"

    A bandaged Skylar and the group, including Mia’s father are standing in the outskirts of the town; saying goodbye to each other after the feast they had earlier. Mia isn’t with them and doesn’t want to come out of the bar, something that bothers Skylar.

    Father: Well, this is farewell… I’m sorry Mia isn’t here with me, but I’m sure she would have wanted to say goodbye too though.

    It’s Luke and Alice who are talking to him, while the irritated Skylar is in the background eating his usual beans in a can.

    Luke: Don’t worry about it… I can understand why she doesn’t want to come along with us cowboys.

    Skylar: That’s stupid! She should be joining us! Her reasons are stupi-

    He gets hit in the head with a rock the size of a fist; thrown by Luke, and falls down on the ground with a big bump on his head.

    Luke: Shut up! Stop nagging about it! You can’t force her to come along with us!

    Skylar mumbles irritated in the background, and keeps eating the soon finished beans. Luke shakes hands with the grateful father and prepares to head toward the capital of River Island, Sago.

    Mia: Wait!!

    All of them turn around surprised after hearing the familiar voice; looking at Mia who is running up the little hill with a backpack.

    Skylar: Hahahaha! Look, I told you she wanted to join us!

    Mia stops in front of them out of breath; waiting for it to return. A big smiles shows up on Skylar’s happy face, and he seems to be much more excited than before.

    Mia: I’ve never *pant* said I’m going to join you, idiot cowboy! *pant*

    Both the sound of the wind and Skylar’s laughter are heard, which is the only sound around them.

    Skylar: That isn’t a “no”, is it?

    She looks embarrassed away; waiting some seconds before answering, which makes Skylar’s smile wider.

    Mia: Don’t get the wrong idea! I’m only joining you guys because of my dad, not because I want to or anything!

    Skylar turns around, holds his backpack tightly, and starts walking off in the direction of the capital.

    Skylar: Alright, off to Sago! Come on, member number 4!

    Alice: W-wait for us, Skylar!

    The first thing Mia does is standing up and gives her father maybe the last hug she can give him. She speaks up before letting go off him after hugging each other in several seconds.

    Mia: Dad, thanks for changing my mind about going with them… I’m going to make both you and mom proud, and I’m going to make our saloon world famous… I love you so much…

    Her dad looks at her while she runs off with the rest of the group; waving at each other. He slowly takes down his hand, and thinks back at their discussion after her yelling at the feast earlier that day.

    -2 hours earlier-

    The father knocks on the door to Mia’s bedroom after the yelling at the feast. She sits in her bed; irritated at Skylar’s comment.

    Father: Mia, are you okay in there?

    She turns away from him before he enters the room, and doesn’t answer before he sits next to her on the bed, which he does immediately he comes in.

    Mia: Of course I’m not okay! That…- That cowboy asked me to join them...!

    She looks down at the floor after finishing her sentence; not knowing what to say next. Her fathers can easily see through her words, and replies after a sigh.

    Father: We both know they are different from many cowboys… They want to have you with them on their journey, but it’s your choice if you want to go with them…… I’ll leave you thinking about the choice you’re going to make.

    He leaves her sitting on the bed before she can answers, and leaves the room without a sound except his heavy steps.

    -Back to the present-

    Father: (I didn’t say much to her, but it seems it changed her mind after all… A shame I never got to tell her the truth. The truth why her mother started drinking in the first place…)

    Mia turns around; waving at her father when she suddenly notices several other people waving back at her from the town. It’s the citizens; knowing Mia is leaving the town as a cowboy.

    Random man: Do your best, Mia!

    Random woman: Follow your dreams, and never forget that!

    She smiles when she understands that they are waving goodbye to her, and turns around; running towards her new friends.

    -End of Chapter-

    Thanks if you read, voted or replied
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    Re: The Milits Chapter 28

    What is the truth behind Mia's mother's drinking?! O__O
    I bet she was a cowboy herself xD

    Nice chapter :D

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 28

    Looks like she joined them, after all Nice chapter, man

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 28

    Amazing as usual.
    I think mia's mom will be a cowboy or something
    keep making chapter skylar

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 28

    Excellent, bro. :D

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 28

    He gets hit in the head with a rock the size of a fist; thrown by Luke, and falls down on the ground with a big bump on his head<=== best part :rofl:
    and Mia joined the party! *insert some rpg soundtrack here*

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 28

    OMG! OMG! OMG! :crazy: :overjoy:

    i LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEE this chapter a lot! :overjoy:

    what a surprise :overjoy:
    Way to go Mia!!!! :ice:

    I always wonder about why mia's mom became an alcoholic and hated the cowboys with a vengeance!
    i cant wait to know more about mia's mom and prolly more about mia!!!!
    secrets!!! secrets!! I LOVE DIRTY SECRETS!!!!

    GOOOOD JOB skylar!
    awesome chapter!!!

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 28

    Yay Mia joined them :overjoy:Awesome chapter skylar

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 28

    what is that what you're hiding?! tell us we want to know!!!!
    yay mia joined

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