If anyone watches Rock lee and his ninja pals, than you will know what i am talking about.

Basically, the show features stops for a few seconds (during the episode) and than it would continue again.
The first 27 episodes had 2 different stops.

One with Naruto charging up a Rasengan, jumping in the air, and landing with it(couldnt find the moving one, but you will probably recognize it from the pic).

The other is Lee jumping in the air and doing lotus.

Now the rock lee and ninja pals episode 28, featured 2 new ones.
Tenten and Neji.
The Neji version had boss music playing in the background and i would like to somehow get my hands on it.

So 2 questions:
Does anyone know where/how i can get the music in the neji version?
What are these type of stops called?