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    Winds of Winter release date announcement

    Game of Thrones fans might have all but given up on hopes of reading George R. R. Martin’s next A Song of Ice and Fire book ‘The Winds of Winter’ before the Sun turns into a red giant and engulfs the Earth, but finally we have something resembling a release date.

    An editor for Spanish publisher Ediciones Gigamesh, which owns the rights to the books, has put his money on 2016 bar any acts of gods (old and new).

    Alejo Cuervo, who knows GRRM personally, had the following exchange with radio station El món a RAC1 (translated from Spanish):

    Radio host: And the sixth book will come out...?

    Cuervo: It’s planned for next year.

    RH: In English, you mean, but, in Spanish, when would that be?

    C: They have promised us that they will give us the manuscript before the release date in English, but it won’t be a big difference (between the two dates).

    RH: But it will also be during the next year for sure, won’t it?

    C: Yes. Well, for sure... unless a meteorite falls.

    Though GRRM has pushed back publishing time and time again, this does tie up with his intention to have the book out before the premiere of Game of Thrones season 6.

    The author is thought to be beavering away on the sequel, passing up GoT work and cancelling public appearances in order to get it finished.

    He once promised to have the series completed almost 20 years ago.

    “If I stay on schedule, I ought to finish A Song of Ice and Fire by the end of 1998," he said in 1996, "but don't hold your breath."
    It's something

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    Re: Winds of Winter release date announcement

    Ugh nigguh bleeding out in the snow, can't wait any longer!

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    Re: Winds of Winter release date announcement

    I stopped reading at feast for crows .I will first finish War an peace and then continue with GOT.

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    Re: Winds of Winter release date announcement

    GRRM is trolling. I know he is.

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