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    ANYINE read or have the history of westoros book?

    Even if you read the books this book tells you things us book readers don't know

    As it gives info before the events in games of thrones And not just a I the seven kingdoms

    Heck the info on the valyrian empire is amazing example

    For those who know about the field of fire where aegon Targaryen and his sisters Visenya and Rhaenyra and their 3 dragons massacred a large army and burned harrenhal

    During a war against Rhoyne who was holding their own against the Valyrian empire

    Apparently irritated the empire mobilized 300 dragons which made the field if fire look like a joke

    And is the reason the Rhoyne is a major ruin when tyrion is on a raft with important other people who won't appear in the Hbo series

    Another interesting part is the mountain clans tyrion recruits were rulers of the vale who refused to surrender to the andals who came and took over westoros and were banished Into the mountains and the Arryns took over

    The Iron born from pyke before the greyjoys family once ruled over many lands then after being burned at harrenhal lost all saved the islands

    This book is amazing it also goes into detail in several families/houses we never heard of and ones we have known

    And the art is amazing the illustrator of this book should win an award

    a child Tywin looked like a smarter more badazz older version of Joffery
    Aegon Targaryen has picture where he looks similar Jaime Lannister

    The design on Dragon Stone is well done

    As are the many designs of the dragons as we'll

    So excited as I read this book I'm using an iPad and plz forgive some of the misspells

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    Re: ANYINE read or have the history of westoros book?

    Hah, I just bought it few days ago. Still haven't had the time to check it out though.

    From what I read in the description, it sounds awesome. Plus having illustration sure makes it even better. I'll be sure to check it out soon.

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