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    Manga Coloring Contest [30] VOTING

    Welcome to this month's Voting thread of the Manga Coloring Contest

    Vote with your own opinion. Don't listen to what ppl are saying in the comments Vote for what u think took the most skills to do etc.

    All contestants chose their own panel to color. It could be either a regular manga panel, or a lineart that someone made. Either way, the contestants have sent me the originals as well, so that you can judge whether it took skills or not to fulfill the job.

    The rules are simple:
    1. Do not vote for yourself.
    2. Voting with multiple accounts is strictly forbidden
    3. Don't tell others to vote for you, or to not vote for a specific entry! (
    4. Don't flame, argue, or any form of mistreatment towards the voters, the entries, or the artists in question. I do not want any problems to happen that might ruin this competition.
    5. Vote for the best entry and not the one people say is the best. Your opinion matters!
    6. Refrain from leaking/specualting who made which entry, keep your opinions on the matter a secret till the poll is over, thanks

    If any of the rules 1,2,3 and 6 are violated, you will be disqualified and maybe banned from the next comp! (We will know if you do)

    The Voting thread will be running till the end of Nov 6 (1 week) and I wish everyone good luck in the voting!:D The winner will receive a medal/ as usual.
    In addtition:
    1st Place will be rewarded 3 000 Kumi
    2nd Place gets 1 500 Kumi
    3rd Place gets 750 Kumi

    Thank you all for joining the comp! here are the entries:

    Entry 1:

    Entry 2:

    Entry 3:

    Entry 4:

    Entry 5:

    (If by any God forsaken reason your entry didn't make it into the voting thread, PM me first, do not post it in the thread)
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