Okay, a couple of things wrong with your move.
  • We are at close range(1 or 2m). You are paralysed and falling. Being paralysed, you shouldn't have been able to perform the Blow Body because you can't even move your hands, but I let that one slip.
  • How do you know I am focusing lightning chakra in my hand. Yes, you can see the chakra in my hand. How do you know it's lightning? Chakra has the same color so you can't know I am focusing lightning by color. I could have be forming a Rasengan.
  • All these actions you are performing makes it seem like you aren't even paralysed. When Sasuke used Nagashi on Naruto and Sai, you know how long it took them to get a hold on themselves before they could even get up. Even with his rapid healing ability(kyuubi chakra), it still took Naruto a while to stand. And you, being paralysed by the same technique, you are performing 2 high ranked techniques with much ease?O.o
  • Also, you know how fast the spear is right?

Well, I'll still make my move anyways.

On sensing that you are focusing chakra to your gut, Karin forgoes the spear and slams her hands together, forming a cube of lightning around her. This blocks your wind and at the same time, electrocutes you.

Raiton: Rippou- Lightning
Release: Cube

Rank: A
Type: Defence|Attack
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 30(+5 for each turn
cube is kept active)
Damage Points: 60(+15 for lightning techs)
Description: The user will mold a
large amount lightning chakra in
his body and release it. Using
shape manipulation, he will slam
his palms together and form a cube made of Lightning. This cube
protects the user from all
attacks A rank and below except
for wind and Water which it can
only block up to B-rank. The
user can still move and perform other techniques while in the
-User cannot use any water
techniques while cube is active.
-Cube will automatically
deactivate after 3 turns. -User cannot use lightning in the
same turn cube is activated.
-Lightning techniques used while
in the cube receive a +15 boost.
-Can only be used twice
-Can only be used by Naizen

Karin: Sleep tight Jinso . . . *adjusts glasses*