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    Edo Itachi and Edo nagato vs Edo Madara uchiha

    So everyone thinks madara is unbeatable 1 on 1 fair enough and believe its pretty much the same with a team so, ill just pit him against the ultimate edo team. Though madara is indeed very strong he is no match for the dynamic duo. I would go as far as to say edo nagato takes madara hell maybe even itachi although itachis problem seems to be not being able to keep up with madaras insane powers but nagato can so with brains (itachi) and brawn (nagato) im sure they can take him, without a doubt. Edo madara is strong ill admit but if he was alive he would be nowhere near as powerful. Anyway let me know what you think guys and remember its 2 on 1 and if you think that isnt fair then i guess madara dosent really live up to his name does he

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    Re: Edo Itachi and Edo nagato vs Edo Madara uchiha

    If anybody, I'm thinking those two could do it

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    Re: Edo Itachi and Edo nagato vs Edo Madara uchiha

    Nagato uses CT with his infinity chakra and destroy's the universe.

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