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    We're not getting any closer and the years will stack up. Naruto in general.

    I made a thread a couple of weeks ago. It stated: the fillers are far behind us, we can finally get to enjoy the full front of the war ahead of us." yeah I feel stupid. Seriously its gonna take a long time for the Naruto anime to finished and that's including the fillers and movies they might suggest to put in. Only way I can hope is that they keep posting double episodes. -_-

    Naruto anime might be up for another 3-4 years. And thats Japanese. What about the English Dub? How long will that take and the release for the DVD's? It's getting to where most of us are over 18.

    I still hope for a Naruto 3 or something like that. Instead of the story of Naruto it's place 100 years in the future. (Thinking of Avatar) But you know what I mean! And with that this base will continue to live on. As long as Naruto is still on there will be ever growing threads. In a way. The future is bringing hope. And I can finally sleep.

    You guys have a good night!
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