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    Kanade Tachibana

    Basic Information
    Name:Kanade Tachibana
    Clan:Hyūga Clan.

    Looks:Kanade is a girl with long silvery white hair and gold eyes. She wears the standard uniform of the Hidden Leaf Library Team, white knee-high socks and brown loafers and a pale blue barrette on the back of her hair. She is one of the shortest characters in the team, being only 160 cm (5'2 feet) tall.

    Personality:Kanade does not appear to be less than a typical human being in physical form, but this is contrasted by her lack of detectable emotion, even in skirmishes with the Kirigakure which usually end up with her being injured. It is difficult to understand what she is thinking due to her rarely showing any outward emotion. In later events, she is shown to have abandoned being friendly because of the rules of the world she is in, as her newly-found friends inevitably leave her when they disappear.As the time progresses, she has shown a little of her emotions, mostly to Otonashi.

    She is fond of eating Mapo Tofu, even going so far as to ignore mission rules to eat it. She spends some of her free time gardening. She is actually part of the gardening soiciety.She recently became friends with Otonashi, even though she didn't realize this until Otonashi said so. Although this did not alter her personality much, she now allows him to call her by her first name, Kanade, and seems to exclusively talk to and hang around him. Kanade, in later events, has helped him to fight Naoi and has saved him from being eaten by the Kranken.

    Later on, she opens up to Otonashi, talking to him casually and she even helps out in Otonashi's plans to help the Edo Tensai's get over their regrets. After spending more time with her, Otonashi discovers more of her personality and somewhat lack of common sense. Otonashi describes her as a "Clumsy Angel". She seems to have a large amount of endurance to pain, as she has been shot several times by the the Kraknen without showing any reaction or indication of suffering.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth:
    Village of Alliance:
    Land of Iron
    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank:Sannin
    Your ninjutsu:
    Kaito Taijutsu:C-Rank
    Summons: Coyotes

    Background Info.
    Kanade Tachibana was from the Hyūga Family and from a young age interested in swords and weapons. A unhealthy interest according to her parents. She was orphaned at at 4 when her parents were killed in a skirmish against a group of rouge ninja who sought to cause trouble between the neighbouring nations and the land of iron. She was then taken in by the legendary samurai Keotsu whos skill was world class. Though not in the culture of samurai females were usually not permitted to learn the way of the warrior but Kanade did not take to the way of the women but continued her interest into the sword and battle. She took interest in Keotsu who would become more known as masters famed Raiper,Lambent Light.She would at night sneak into the display room where his armor and equipment were displayed and practice with using the sword. When eventually her adoptive father caught her sneaking to the room and followed her secretly and watched her practice with the sword. At that Moment he had made his choice to train her in the way of the sword as he could not stop her from practising.

    As she started to grow up and mature she began to learn and master the arts of Kenjutsu, Taijutsu and weapons very quickly impressing her Adoptive father with her considerable growth. So much so that she began to be noticed by the leading body of samurai and requested that she be trained to enter the military of the land of iron. With this invitation Kanade began to put even more practise and commitment into her skills to better herself. When she reached the age of 15 she was of a skill level that she was allowed to be drafted into the military force. It was then when Keotsu had then had her given training by a old friend of his who was not of the land of iron but a ninja of renowed fame and respect that befriended the land of iron. His name was Solf Kyoshi a member of the Kyoshi clan whos taijutsu skills were feared throughout the land.Kanade's level of taijutsu was of a standard greater than normal in the land of iron considering the samurai mainly focused on swordsmenship but hers was greater. He would then instruct her further in the development of her taijutsu skills and building up her strength, stamina, dexterity and brutalitly. He spend many months guiding the young samurai apprentice instructing and beating into her every ounce of knowledge in the art as he could. After a couple of years of training Solf Kyoshi had become satisfied with the level of physical skill that Kanade displayed with taijutsu and finally decided it was time that she left his tutorlage. He then told her before he left to seek old his friend another infamously famous shinobi of the uchiha clan Akiza.A ninja who was famous for her increadible skill in the sharingan and famous for her deadily Arts of Cloud and Rain elements. She would train Kanade in similar respects to those of the uchiha clan, by training her how to react to a further scale than that she already had. This training gained some progress through a couple of months. This helped to improve her already good reactional capabilities from her years of training with the sword and weapons and small levels of taijutsu, then further taijutsu training from Solf Kyoshi. However the training was short lived when suddenly Akiza had left Kanade during one night without a word.Kanade went looking for her when she woke the next day and came across a village that was ravaged by battle. The village was in utter chaos. She could see the aftermath of her sensei's techniques, melted buildings and wholes in the ground, shards of glass protruding from the ground and glass scultpures. She came across a village elder who had informed her that a great battle underwent between Akiza Uchiha and Pervy but Akiza was gravely injured and to prevent Pervy from killing her further and taking away her corpse she used a destruction techniqiue that utilized her Cloud release to completely erase her presence and thus Akiza was left to return back to the Land of Iron.

    During her return to the Land of iron he came across yet another uchiha who stopped infront of Kanade in the middle of the road. Eyes glaring at her and she said to Kanade that she knew of her affiliation to the deceased Akiza and that she must die and so she came at Kanade with her full power. The battle went on for hours with barely managing to stay alive due to Rei's expert skills and her sharingan allowing to track Kanade's movements and attacks despite the level of skill she possessed. Rei suddenly ended the battle standing there for a moment smiling as she licked some blood off her check where Kanade managed to get a Air Palm attack on her but only scratch her. Rei then said that she was rather impressed she had been unable to kill Kanade after a long battle and so she decided to take Kanade under her wing. In the year to come Rei would teach Kanade further development of reactions and battle awareness which would bring her skill level to an even greater degree. She hammered as much information that she could with the regards of the training as the training is more based around the sharingan. When she was happy about the level of training and skill that Kanade had achieved she then left her company parting as very good friends.

    After many a year away she had finally returned back to the Land of iron and back to the military. Keotsu was pleased with her training and decided that it would be time that she attained the rank of captain within the army due to her great battle prowess and skills. Also with the seat of power she would inherit the sword she loved to play with as a child his own family lineage Lambent Light.In the comming months she would begin gaining great stature amongst many of the elites of the land of iron and even amongst many ninja both those who were at peace with the land of iron or those who sought to attack them.

    With the great knowledge she had attained in her younger years she would come to develop her own unique style of taijutsu which gave birth to many techniques that would themselves become famous and give greater stature to her name. Such techniques included the Infinte One Sword:Endless River.

    With the development of the Taijutsu style Kanade would come to train many famous ninja such as Gin-san one of the worlds strongest swordsmen,who in return for the training taught him some of his kenjutsu and one particular technique that would be awakened by caliburn through the awakening of the Infinite One Sword Style. Another the Straw hat Yubel a fierce warrior of the Kurama clan. Many others include Zanshin the black thorn, Shigure the smokeholic of Sungakure, Kirabi and many samurai such as Alucard and Raiden.

    As Kanade Gained further fame she also gained ranking in the military of the Land of Iron eventually attaining the Rank Shogun. She would then come to choose her own captains who she grew up with in the military ranks, Alucard, Keotsu , Raiden, Scary Yamato and many more. She would also come to take a student who she instructed every ounce of knowledge that she had learned from all her sensei's and own battles. That Student is The 4th Raikage who was better known to Asuna and close friends as Goku2000 who in the eyes of Kanade proved to be a very skilled and promising samurai.Kanade was also known for the nickname "Daughter of the Black Rose" due to her visting her grave often,mourning over Akiza,seeing her as her mother...


    Kenjutsu and Taîjutsu Specialist:
    Living the way of the Samurai, she has learned many forms of Kenjutsu that the samurai practice and has masterd them all. She has been able to easily manouver her katana with little effort being able to quickly attack or defend enemy, and thus also tides in with his masterful ability of close quarter combat.Hildegarde has mastered the art of Iaido and showing he can swiftly deliver attacks and stop skilled ninjutsu users and forcing them to respond in close combat. She is greatly skilled in the art of Kendō utilizing it as her main swordsmanship style as she wields every aspect with deadly effect.She is also a expert in hand to hand combat being a Taijutsu Specialist.

    Hyūga Specialist
    After training with her cousin back in Konohagkure for several mouths Kanade learnt to full control her chakra flow being able to stop and expel it when needed to,she learnt even the main house techniques like the Rotations and Palm Strikes.After getting accustom to her Byakugan she can see up to 15km away from her location and her X-ray vision more enchanced now able to see though solid concrete and underground.

    While in thd hidden Leaf Kanade learns about ninjutsu and is able to use ninjutsu but cant produce elemental chakra but able to perform handseals to activate scrolls etc(Anything unrelated to elemental chakra)

    Theme Song and Background Music:


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    Re: Kanade Tachibana

    Updating Kanade with Jyuken Completed.
    Also taking status of bio owner given to me by Kage Phionex
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    Re: Kanade Tachibana

    That update.

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    Re: Kanade Tachibana

    Pretty nice bio. D

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