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not of good as a chapter as i thought it might have been
are you smoking something!???

im so sad that zetsu is dead... meh, maby hes not but it looks that way... he was afraid of the raikage's speed so he was legitly in trouble.... garaa is so funny "they are all hardcore" lol. zetsu with his funny little "lets look for sasuke together!" LMMFAO lol roflmao the best thing ever....

as for the samuri... either they suck... or sasuke is an effin stud.... im going to have to go with the later... i had NO respect for sasuke and i hated they way kishi was taking things but i think this issue just propelled the naruto series into "OVER 9000!" as far as epicness goes... it was so great i cant even really say why... it just hit me... (*"this is epic win"*) i wonder what sasukes dark chakra is perhaps its genjutsu he used on the samuri to scare them and give him an advantage idk... but that was great