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    Kakashi Vs. Super Drunk Rock Lee (taijutsu only, no sharingan)

    If Kakashi was to fight a super drunk Rock Lee, who would win? only taijutsu, no Sharingan, just hand to hand combat!

    I say Kakasi wins high dif. in 61/2 minutes,
    why you ask? well NB comrades i will tell you why: Its Kakashi's exp that gives him the edge, I say Kakashi is still faster but Rock Lee Hits much Harder (stronger than Sakura harder!) . Kakashi mainly has the advantage due to his unparalleled senses and genius instincts. Rock Lee is such a badass that he makes any fight worth seeing, Kakashi Vs Rock Lee would be epic.

    who would you say would win and why? remember no taijutsu only!

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    Re: Kakashi Vs. Super Drunk Rock Lee (taijutsu only, no sharingan)

    I think Rock Lee would take it with high diff. He turns into a taijutsu monster when he's drunk! Just my opinion

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