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    Crazy Random Fights

    Superman vs Goku

    Madara vs Goku&Superman

    Luffy vs Guy

    Ichigo vs Sasuke (NO powers just Swords only)

    Kiba vs Beast Boy

    WonderWoman vs Tsunade (No healing)

    Kirby vs Pac-Man

    Mewtwo vs Young naruto with 1-2 tails

    Obito vs Deadpool

    Sakura vs Chad

    Shikamaru vs Uryu

    The Terminator vs Bender

    Akamaru vs Clifford the big red dog

    Itachi vs The Power Puff Girls!!!
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    Re: Crazy Random Fights

    against the rules but ill answer anyway.
    which supes? pre crisis, one million or superman prime? either one wins with utmost of ease.
    again which supes?
    luffy easily. much faster, stronger and has gone up against much tougher opponents. plus colour of observation to predict gais attacks
    what do you mean no powers? you mean human ichigo with a normal sword? because zanpaktous are extensions of a shinigami's soul.
    kiba i suppose
    from wonder woman's high end feats she could solo dbz let alone naruto
    mewtwo casually.
    which deadpool?movie or comic
    i assume you mean sakura haruno. chad if its current chad. quite easily.
    uryu blows him away with that holy quincy form.
    powerpuff girls solo dbzverse. they once ran so fast they travelled into the future

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