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    Profile of the Month: Rules! ☑☑☒

    Welcome to RULES: Profile of the Month Contest!

    The purpose of this contest is to see who can create the best profile. All PotM entries will be evaluated, first, by the host (Pekoms). Once the entries have been narrowed down to a select few, then, randomly selected, non-participating staff members will be asked to give their input on winning rankings for 1st through 3rd place (ties possible). Relax and enjoy!!!

    The profiles will be judged based on:

    Color Usage

    Do not copy/rip a fellow member's work!! Work alone, so, no help!!!
    Always be respectful, and, well-mannered. No poor sportsmanship!
    One entry per member. Usage of alt accounts to participate: nope!!!
    Only post in this thread to enter the contest. Do so only once!!! >_o

    The final selections of the judging council are final - no arguing with tolerated!


    That are sexually charged or suggestive!
    That depict any acts of cruelty/violence!!
    That attack/disparage or present in a false light any individual/group!

    ..are forbidden.

    Disobeying the rules will get you disqualified!

    1st Place

    A larger avatar for one month (150 x 300)
    A cyan username color for one month
    An option to change username thrice via admin
    PotM Medal

    2nd Place

    PotM Medal + option to change username once via admin

    3rd Place

    PotM Medal + option to change username once via admin

    ⌫ Profile Designing Guide ⌦

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