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    5 Paths Match

    I've actually posted this thread before, but sadly, it didn't get too noticed, but I thought I'd go ahead and try to ask here and check if I could get some decent feedback
    So anyways, like the title says, who do you think would win in an all out match between 5 of the 6 paths of Pain. (The Deva path is excluded since it would obviously solo)

    So, who do you think would this match: --->Asura vs Preta vs Human vs Animal vs Naraka<---

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    Re: 5 Paths Match

    Yep, Asura, who can fly and has the best long range destructive jutsu. Animal Path is strong, but if you get to her, then her summons disperse, and with the Rinnegan, the invisibility of the chameleon would be seen through and the bird could be shot down. Human and Preta are both the same type of offensive fighter, limited to pointblank range but can incapacitate quickly once there, which Asura (and Animal) could counteract with flight. Naraka is pretty much fodder in terms of offensive power.

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