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    Re: Rikudo Sennin vs Juubi & Edo Madara

    Quote Originally Posted by Strict View Post
    With the Uchiha DNA which was passed down, also the Uchiha's power was. The power of Uchiha consists out of their eyes, their powerful Chakra and spiritual energy. The Senju and his powers are the Uchiha's equal. Rikudo Sennin is the originator of these two powers. With these two powers, new techniques are created (Izanagi, further the creation of all things) and also the Rinnegan awaits you on top. The origin of Hashirama's and Madara's powers are lying by the sage of the six paths.
    does the elder son's eye look like a sharingan to you? no. they inherited the powerful chakra and that is it. the manga never said he possessed sharingan or any of that. rinnegan is also possessed by obito and madara so whats your point?.

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    Re: Rikudo Sennin vs Juubi & Edo Madara

    Quote Originally Posted by Madara Rules View Post
    he doesnt the juubi anymore so he doesnt get it.

    he only has rinnegan.
    You do know that Rikudo is capable of using a majority of the jutsus in the Nardoverse.

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