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    Naruto Manga 610 Prediction

    ================================================== =================================
    Naruto 610: A dead world
    ================================================== =================================
    As soon as juubi appears suddenly the others watch as Madara floats into the air as juubi energy rockets towards him lifting him into the air. Madara does a series of hand signs and instantly everyone is hit by a flash of blinding light then darkness.

    Naruto: "Whats going on? What is this!"
    Kurama: "Naruto quick in here with me!"
    Hachibi: "Bee we need to talk!"

    Suddenly everyone instantly collapses to the ground except for madara who proceeds to walk towards the juubi. Naruto and Kurama are standing in the space inside naruto's mind. Naruto scowls at the kurama.

    Naruto: "What was so important that we had to go in here? There is an important battle going on?"
    Kurama: "This was the only way to protect your mind from the effects of juubi's genjutsu."
    Naruto: "What has happened to the others?"
    Kurama: "If bee made it back inside the hachibi in time than he is safe but everyone else on the planet is now trapped in a genjutsu."
    Naruto: "Everyone!"
    kurama: "Well not everyone. You are just unconscious since being in here shielded your mind from the juubi's attack."
    Naruto: "What do we do now?"
    Kurama: "We wait for madara to leave the area and disregard us. Once its clear then we can get up."
    Naruto: "But what do we do about the others?"
    Kurama: "We can not help them. The only thing now that will revive them is destroying the juubi but we have to hurry."
    Naruto: "Why?"
    Kirama: "Idiot haven't you figured it out yet?"
    Naruto: "...."
    Kurama: "Fine I will explain. The plan madara is using is basically to put everyone in a genjutsu but the problem is not everyone can survive long in a genjutsu."

    Kurama flashes back to images of people in a small village laying unconscious in the street. Children lay unconscious in a play ground. A resturant is full of unconscious people as smoke begins to flow from the kitchen.

    Kurama: "Without the body receiving its proper maintainence its not long before the body begins to weaken. In a few weeks tops everyone here will start dieing off one by one until only madara is left."

    Kurama flashes back to a hospital full of everyone unconscious as a person near by convulses as a heart monitor suddenly flatlines.

    Kurama: "Soon Madara will be a lone human on a dead world if we do not stop him. In some ways that is what madara truly wants. He wants a world without enemies for him to fight where he can enjoy a world of doing whatever he wants without anything to stop him. The ultimate control for the ultimate control freak."

    Kurama flashes back to an image of madara walking through a village of everyone laying on the ground unconscious. Madara steps on a pair of glasses dropped by an elderly old man whos image is reflected as he lays there unconscious.

    Kurama: "Now you understand what we must do and the time frame we have left to do it. We must kill madara and destroy gedo maza now before the world and everyone in it dies a lingering painful death."

    Naruto opens his eyes to see everyone else on the ground unconscious including Obito. Naruto heads over to stab Obito with a kunai but Bee stands in his way in normal mode.

    Hachibi: "There will be time for that later naruto. Bee didn't make it in time so I have assumed control of his body while his mind remains in stasis."

    Naruto: "Do you know where madara is?"
    Hachibi: "I have some idea. He is right now heading south from here."
    Naruto: "Than we gotta catch up with him fast before we lose track of him."

    Naruto and bee rush off in the direction of madara went as guy and kakashi continue to lay on the ground unconscious. In konoha far below the ground, Sasuke turns to Orochimaru in surprise as they stop looking at a large mural on a cave wall.

    Sasuke: "What is going on up there? Everything is suddenly silent up there?"
    Orochimaru: "Madara must have successfully carried out his plan and the whole planet is now trapped in genjutsu."
    Sasuke: "How come I am immune?"
    Orochimaru: "We must be safely out of reach of madara's genjutsu. Now finish studying this wall writings and then we can go up top to see what is going on."
    Sasuke: "Hmm So thats how he did it."

    Sasuke continue to read a large wall writing which shows the image of the Rikudou Senin fighting the juubi.

    ================================================== ===================
    Chapter Ends ...i dont know i just wrote anything that came in my mind aha, sorry if it was shit

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    Re: Naruto Manga 610 Prediction

    I read this one here :
    Might be yours?
    It was a nice read though.

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    Re: Naruto Manga 610 Prediction

    wtf!? they took my prediction , even though it shit haha , their desperate

    n thanks ahhimane, i really love your predictions :D

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