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    Re: Taijutsu with Aki/Kiri. [TGOF]

    Drifting along the ground eloquently I cover the ground between myself and your clone in a mere second. Upon reaching the clone I begin striking him with a series of kicks, alternating between feet I keep my opponent off-guard and switching between stances in order to try and block to two-pronged assault. Driving my feet into his chest I pound the air out of his lungs, gradually weakening his resolve and slowing his reactions, this effect also means that my kicks as well as wearing him down begin to inflict more and more damage as his body slowly weakens.

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    Re: Taijutsu with Aki/Kiri. [TGOF]

    It's rather straightforward.
    (Konoha Shippūdan) - Leaf Hurricane Bullet
    Rank: B
    Type: Attack
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: N/A
    Damage points: 30
    Description: The user will launch a succession of high and low kicks dealing a several continuous kicks to the chest region alternating between both legs.

    Alright, for this next one, charge chakra into your feet and jump high into the air. Then by using your dominant leg, strike back down on my clone with a drop kick that sends him flying. Do you know what a drop kick is?

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