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    Custom Clans Submission

    Please be sure to read the Battle Arena Rules before making a submission.

    ±±Custom Clan±±

    Once you have an approved Sage Title (more information on this can be found here), you can make your own custom clan!

    Custom clans, CC for short, are, as the name implies, clans that do not appear in the manga/anime and are made by the RPers themselves. Of all the aspects that our RP system consists of, custom clans is probably the number two that speaks the most to the imagination of any RPer, only having to tolerate custom elements before them. Custom clans are overall seen quite powerful. Unlike CE, CC can have a set of custom abilities (logically related with each other), while CE are limited to 'one' ability. Also the logic behind being able to use those abilities is relatively seen less important compared to CE.

    Outside 'power', CC also mean 'prestige', just like CE. This is because of the extreme rarity of these clans due to the requirements to make them, the difficulty to get them approved and the limited amount of people that can be in one clan. CE get approved regularly, but CC only on very rare occasions.

    ±± How to submit a Custom Clan? ±±

    1. Step One: Pick the Name and Japanese Translation. Use this Online Translator to help you. Be sure to name the techniques correctly. Don't use Japanese in Kanji form; use standard Romanji instead.

    2. Step Two: Create a History of the Clan.

    This section will include a background story on how your specific clan was conceived, where the clan came from and how. It should be detailed enough so that anyone who looks at your clan would be able to tell something very specific about it.

    3. Step Three: Explain the Special abilities of your Clan.

    This is, by far, the most important section of your entire submission and should be where you spend the most time. In this area you will describe your clans abilities and the mechanics behind the abilities. As far as approval goes, this section will be under the most scrutiny. Don't forget to make it organized and explain clearly, in abilities are are passive and pertain to any bio of your clan, what are their limits and overall context. If your clan uses a special element, then define it and explain it to the fullest degree to make sure all information needed to counter, use or check it iis available. If your clan uses a special genetic trait or characteristic, explain it in full detail, specially in what beneficts or drawbacks it may give the user.

    4. Step Four: Location.

    It can be a village, a meeting place, a headquarters or something of the like. It does not have to have a hard section on the forum.

    5. Step Five: Define a Purpose.

    Discuss why your clan exists and what they want to accomplish.

    6. Step Six: Special Information.

    Discuss a ranking system [if applicable] and other internal details of the Clan. Define what happens and who is in charge in case of the owners inactivity.

    7. Step Seven: Requirements.

    How does one become a member of the clan? What do they have to do? Can you be kicked out and, if so, how and why?

    8. Step Eight: Post and Wait for Approval!

    ±± Template for Custom Clans ±±

    PHP Code:


    B]History of the Clan:[/B

    B]Special Abilities: [/B


    B]Purpose: [/B]  

    B]Special Info: [/B


    ±±Formatting Restrictions±±

    There is no formatting restriction as long as the submission is readable and easily understood.


    -When resubmitting a clan that was previously declined, you need to bold the parts you changed in your new submission. Quoting is not necessary.

    ±±Declined, Do Not Resubmit±±

    -When one of your submissions was declined with a "Do Not Resubmit" note, you can't resubmit it without the permission of the Staff member who checked it.

    ±±Onwership, Leadership and Submissions±±

    -Only an Official Sage can submit a clan.

    -The original submitter of the clan will always be its owner, even if the clan falls under management by another user due to inactivity of the clan owner. Anyone who is managing a Custom Clan in the absence of its owner is considered the Clan Leader.

    -Only the clan owner can submit the 8 basic techniques for the clan and update them, in the Custom Clan Jutsu Submission thread, unless he has given direct and undeniable permission to, in his absence, allow the clan leader to do so.

    -The 4 personal Custom Clan Jutsu that each clan member can submit, require the prior check and approval of the Clan Owner (or Leader if applicable) before being posted and checked.

    -You need to have 3 members beyond yourself which are ready to join the clan. You must name them in the Special Info section of the template.

    -No Eye based KG will be allowed nor any combination of canon abilities, HA, KG, etc like Sage Mode + Byakugan or Nara Clan + Lava, etc. Advanced applications of elements or existing skills, abilities, Kg, etc are allowed.

    -A clan can only have up to 25 members, excluding the owner who is always a member.

    ±±Custom Jutsu Users±±

    -Once you get your custom clan approved you and all the clan members who are part of the clan must put in your own custom jutsu thread in the Custom Jutsu Users Sub-forum a post or section dedicated to the clan techniques of that clan. It should contain a link to the approval of the clan, though its not mandatory.

    -For more information, read the opening post of the Custom Clan Jutsu Submission thread.


    -"Markers", or empty posts (with no actual custom jutsu being submitted) created for the sole purpose of being edited later on, are strictly forbidden and shall be considered as nothing more than spam.

    -Any post that does not contain a submission is considered spam and thereby falls under the violation of the global rules of Narutobase.

    ±±Ripping and Copying±±

    -You cannot copy or bluntly base your submissions in another members submission without his or hers permission. This is strictly forbidden and is a severe offense. Even if you gained permission to submit something similar or based on another members idea, it falls upon the checkers discretion to allow it or not, depending on finding it too similar or not to the original idea.

    -Ideas from Custom Fighting Styles, Custom Elements, Custom Jutsu, Custom Summons, etc all are taken into account when Custom Clans are checked; your submission cannot collide with anything already approved unless it belongs to you.

    -If you find a submission that you feel is too much like yours or that is clearly and bluntly a copy of any of yours, please contact one of the RP mods with the link to your technique and the one that supposedly copies yours.


    -No one is allowed to edit his/her post after a moderator has already edited it.

    -Custom Clans cannot be resubmitted or edited after approval unless special circunstances exist. In that case, only the owner of the clan can request its edit.

    ±±The Red Rule±±

    -The red rule exists and you should check it if you don't know what it is. Bugging any RP mod regarding submissions that were declined and to which you weren't required to contact the given mod, is breaking said rule. The techniques are declined for a reason which is most of the times explained even if we are not required to do so. This is never respected but I urge you to start taking this seriously.

    ±±The Blue Rule±±

    -You aren't allowed to direct us into how to check your customs or tell us to make edits on the submissions to make them approvable. Also, providing expressions like "I talked to X senior sensei and he said its possible" or any variation of such expressions is forbidden. Adding explanations outside the technique's description (or, by that matter, any expression or sentence directed at us) is also forbidden. Anything you wish to explain you need to do so in the technique itself, using the correct template, as it needs to be perfectly understandable by anyone if its to be approved. The necessity to explain or justify things outside of it renders such premise invalid and thus makes the technique unapprovable.


    -NB's moderators have every right to deny any submission we wish without true explanation, because some clans submitted do not reach a certain criteria that we feel should be accepted. Please do not complain, please do not argue, just take it as it is and please move on by creating something else. Most submissions however will state a reason why it will not be accepted.


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