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    Custom Clans Submission



    Name: Self explanatory. 
    Founder: Self explanatory. 
    History of the Clan:  This section will include a background story on how your specific clan was conceived, where the clan came from and how. It should be detailed enough so that anyone who looks at your clan would be able to tell something very specific about it.
    Special Abilities: This is, by far, the most important section of your entire profile and should be where you spend the most time. In this section you will describe your clans abilities and the mechanics behind the abilities. As far as approval goes, this section will be under the most scrutiny. 
    Location: It can be a village, a meeting place, a headquarters or something of the like. It does not have to have a hard section on the forum. 
    Purpose: Discuss why your organization exists and what they want to accomplish. 
    Special Info: Discuss a ranking system [if applicable] and other conditions of members or the organization itself. 
    Requirements: How does one become a member? What do they have to do? Can you be kicked out and, if so, how?


    -To submit a Custom Clan you must be a Sage and complete the special mission set by Rei; Then you need to gather at least 3 members who are ready to join you to start off.

    -Vision KGs will not be allowed; we have enough of them already, so if you want a custom KG you need to base it on existing elements and just push them a little further.

    -Keep it as realistic as possible. If you want your clan to be able to fly around like superman, better forget about it before you even submit. If you're having trouble finding something that would make your clan plausible, attempt using an advanced element. An advanced element is a valid basis for most if not all abilities.

    -No Revival of Dead Clans

    -No combining of any known KG (like Sharingan + Byakugan etc)

    -The maximum population of a Village-Clan is restricted to 25 members.

    - If your custom Clan gets approved, then you have to create a group with the name of your village-clan. Once you get 10 members you can create a forum and there you will be responsible for the ranks, training, battles, wars given, in and of your clan. The group must be moderated and you will be in charge of keeping your students/fellow villagers away from trouble.
    I will be periodically checking to see if you have set up your Clan's rules and you enforce them properly.

    That's all; Hope you like it, you can start submitting.

    ~Based off on anbu Itachi's idea


    By submitting in this thread, u are bound to obey to all rules; also, Rei keeps all rights to decline the submitted custom clans, pointing out no reason, and no improvement suggestions. However, the submitter can always fill out a complaint and PM it to me, then we will handle it in private.
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