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    Basic RPG Character Biographies Rules

    - Basic Bio Rules -

    A minimum of 50 posts is needed to make a bio. Depending on the character you want to make, this might be even higher alongside several other requirements.

    You can have max up to 2 biographies at any given time.

    Every bio has to follow the basic Bio Template, no exceptions. You can custom code it, however if you mess the template up along the way, the mod can and shall decline it.

    Once a bio is approved, it cannot be dropped or switched for a month (regardless of when the bio was posted).

    You must update your biographies regularly, adding the new jutsus/elements and other stuff you learned. When you update you bio, the older version of your bio is dropped. However do not start updating your bio for every single thing.

    Your biography should be complete & detailed, with a good background history, pictures, theme song and everything else that's mentioned in the template, even if there is a part you can't fill in yet. However know restraint as even though it's not forbidden to make extremely long and detailed bio's, you need to take into consideration that the longer it is, the more time it will take to get it approved.

    You are allowed to posses 2 KG/Hiden Abilities in total for 2 biographies. This means for each bio you are allowed 1 KG/HA.

    When you are taking a test for a specific bio, regardless of whether you passed or failed the test, you can't apply for another test bio for a month starting from the moment the results of the test are in, even if it's the same test in the case you failed the first time. With other words there's always a month between two tests. Also when taking a test you are obliged to make at least one post every 5 days.

    You can't make custom clans/write histories that you originate from a custom clan, no matter how insignificant it might be, not even for cosmetic purposes and certainly not make up custom KG or abilities. Custom clans have a special status on NB, only official NB Sages can submit custom clans for approval. You can however become part of such an already approved clan. Also a custom clan bio can not be part of any other clan nor have any other KG/Hiden Ability.

    Biography characters are to attain some level of seriousness in regards to keeping to the naruto context and there for such characters that fail to be regarded as of a serious nature such as animal characters, shall be automatically declined. They must follow some code of being like a ninja to work in the naruto system, this is not to kill peoples fun but to keep it within the context of Naruto world.

    In the Bio Rules Quick Accesss thread you can find all the rules regarding individual characters, clans and abilities, so see whether you can make a specific bio already or not.

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