The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen or TLOEG is growing and recruiting members. We are a band of brothers and sisters that look out for one another as comrades and family. When one of our members need help we all help out in any way we can. We are thinkers, philosophers and overall good people who start no trouble but just observe from behind the scenes. A true secret society with 10 top ranking powerful NB members and a true ranking system (in progress) will be made. And also a badge system made for special sigs.

Conditions on how to join are purposely vague as we are a secret society and each member has a certain quirk of attribute and is chosen by us carefully by us to make The League stronger. All I can say is we look for logical members, can be funny and have a good personality. And able to solo threads when necessary. If you feel you have these qualities and want to join with similar individuals my tip is to keep doing this.

If you want to get our "close" attention for a potential spot join our recruits thread by The Masked Sage "Creating Extraordinary Gentlemen" here:

And maybe you can prove your strength to join the League.

-Peace and Order