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    Photo editing skills contest

    to the Photo editing skills competition.

    I think that we have all seen the great sigs, drawings, and colored manga as well as the amv's, profiles, and fanfics. I have decided to intorduce a new type of competition. this is a competition that displays skills in photoshop, gimp, or any other software that you choose to use.

    The task is to make a picture that displays the given theme. These competitions will require lots of creative ideas and general skills to complete.

    The theme
    for this competition, i decided to do an easy theme. I saw this ad on television...

    The Link:

    i thought it would be something cool to do in photoshop, and so i made something that represents the ad.

    here was my attempt at this theme...

    (yes, i know, pretty crappy)

    you dont have to do exactly what i did, you just have to make a pic that represents your idea of the vid.

    Now, there are just a couple of rules to follow...
    -No copying pictures from the internet directly
    -you may, however, use pics from the internet in your submission. for instance, in mine, the paint drop and the football were pics from the internet. the skills come when you mesh the pics together.
    -you must always stick to the theme in your submissions

    if you have any questions, just post them in this thread.
    Good luck

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