Welcome to NB's new monthly AMV Contest! No special skill or editing program is required! Everyone is Welcome! Time to let your imagination run free!

Your AMV Will Be Judged On:

  • Correct use of effects
  • How well it is synced with the audio
  • Originality
  • Creativity

How to Take Part:

  1. You must read the rules below thoroughly
  2. Video must be at least 0:30 long.
  3. Any video editing software is allowed!
  4. The video must be uploaded to YouTube with your 'NarutoBase' username in the 'description'
  5. You must include a screenshot of your video project as proof you edited the AMV
  6. You must fill out the form below and post it in this thread in order to be entered!

PHP Code:
U][B]Link to AMV:[/B][/U] [URL="http://"]Name[/URL
U][B]Screenshot of Project:[/B][/U] [spoiler][img]url of image[/img][/spoiler


1st Place:

  • Name colour change to Cyan
  • Name change if wanted
  • Temporarily larger avatar
  • Medal

2nd Place:

  • Medal

3rd Place (Awarded if there are more than 6 entries):

  • Medal


  • Content should be of the submitter's own
  • No inappropriate content such as hentai, pornography (both audible, visual and photographic) etc.
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube
  • No flaming others work, or saying someone 'cheated' or 'stole' someone's work.
  • If any incident of cheating is found, it should be reported to me via PM
  • Video can be made from any anime, and music is of the submitter's choice
  • Video must be at least 0:30 long.
  • The use of any video editor is permitted

~Failure to comply with the rules, will result in a disqualification from the contest and the following month~

Submission time ends: 22nd December 2012 (23:59 GMT+0)

Good luck!

This will be the final round of this contest's BETA stage. Good luck.