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    Title: Jewels
    Author: Jo Eun Ha, Park Sang-sun
    Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Gender Bender, Shoujo
    Plot Summary: Welcome to a world divided into 12 Mines - each of them its own land - dominated by a rigid social class structure in which the 'Habit' exists to rule and the 'Spar' exist to serve. Their future dim and seemingly set in stone, the Spar find hope in an unlikely hero: the androgynous child born of a dwarf and hunchback who is prophesied to overthrow the tyrannical rulers!


    Title: Junai Tokkou Taichou
    Author: Seino Shizuru
    Genre: Comedy, Drama, Martial Arts, Romance, School Life, Shoujo
    Plot Summary: Chiemi Yusa's high-school record is far from perfect. She's already been suspended twice for fighting, and she's not even half-way through her first year! In danger of getting expelled for starting yet another brawl, her teacher approaches her with an unexpected offer: get her classmate Akifumi Deranged Devil Hirata, the nastiest fighter in the whole school, to clean up his act, and her record will officially be cleared. Reluctantly she accepts, and immediately goes on the attack. But as she's waiting for him to retaliate, she discovers that he has more in store for her than just a fight! From the creator of Girl Got Game and Heaven!! comes a rollicking brawl of a good time as the roughest guy and girl in school get themselves into trouble--and find themselves in love.


    Title: Jiraishin (Ice Blade)
    Author: Takahashi Tsutomu
    Genre: Action, Drama, Mature
    Plot Summary: Kyoya Iida is a hard-nosed detective from the Shinjuku Police precient. He is known in the force as an unreasonable type who would use lethal force to solve cases, making him unpopular with the enlisted and high-ranking officers in the National Police Agency. Despite this fact, there are some in the force that admire Iida for his bravery and cleverness in using lethal force to solve criminal cases whenever legal means are met in a dead end.


    Title: Ja Ja Uma Grooming Up!
    Author: Yuuki Masami
    Genre: Romance, Shounen
    Plot Summary: When his bike runs out of fuel, Shunpei is stranded on a country road; to make matters worse, he loses his wallet. He is found and taken in by the daughter of a local rancher named Hibiki Watarai. Shunpei begins a new life on the Watarai horse-breeding ranch, learning about the horses and the ranch's lively family and workers.
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    Re: ~J~

    You're forgetting JOJO's bizzare adventure come on!
    Title: Jojo's bizarre adventure
    Author:Araki Hirohiko
    Plot summary:The story of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure centers around the misadventures of the Joestars, a powerful family with English roots. Each member of the bloodline has a star shaped birthmark above their left shoulder blade – Dio Brando, the original nemesis of the Joestar family, and his descendants have this distinguishing mark also, a result from Dio's 'theft' of Jonathan Joestar's body and inheriting the Joestar genes as well. The series spans several generations, with each part featuring a descendant of the Joestars as the main protagonist along with a large cast of characters. Parts 1 to 6 occur in the same timeline while parts 7 and 8 take place in a separate, alternate universe.
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