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    What business do the Big Mum
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    Re: TO get into One Piece - the anime

    Quote Originally Posted by ryan221 View Post
    So he is the same -always gonna win and save my friends no matter what - character
    not really, but he doesnt' give a f*** who he messes with haha thats wat makes luffy (main character) so amazing

    he has lost some battles , but mostly has won them, especially now since the 2yr timeskip period he is alot stronger n is deadly

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    Re: TO get into One Piece - the anime

    Quote Originally Posted by R4mbl3 View Post
    I don't like One Peice.
    The animations are bad, the qaulity is also bad.
    And to me its just really boring, Not a good anime in my mind at all.
    Oh yeah, go ahead and flame, I don't really care because everyone has their own opinion.
    So what makes you think your opinion has its place here in this thread lmao. If your mind is not open enough for change, then you're just doomed for failure in everything you do

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