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    Lord Snow.

    The Raikage wishes to stretch his arms..

    Rei's R&R
    All out
    I guess no stealing
    Empty Field with some grass - no water

    The 4th Raikage sits in the middle of the field - no worries, no cares. He wears his basic Raikage outfit with hat. The outfit covers his whole body as he sits in the field, possibly meditating.

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    Re: The Raikage wishes to stretch his arms..

    Umm... you make the first move, I will use my Hei bio (Legend Endures) in Sig..

    Before Battle Notes:
    -Mask, this allows me to breath underwater and poisonous gases
    -Dollmasters Blade (CW) this gives me a +10 to Ranton and +5 to Kenjutsu. and can extend up to mid range..

    If you want me to post my CW I will do so... Mask info can be found in bio.


    Hei: "Umm.. The Raikage Himself.. this ought to be Interesting.."
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