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    KCM Naruto vs Gear Second Luffy

    I'm honestly not trying to start a flame war here, all I want is for you guys to just here me out and tell me if I'm correct with this statement.

    In my opinion, in terms of strength Luffy has the edge. But in terms of speed, these two are equal plus Luffy has Observation Haki so he would have no problem keeping up with Naruto. I mean it's just hard to tell exactly who is faster and for those who think that Luffy in Gear Second is faster than Naruto in Kyuubi Chakra Mode, please give me some valid statements and tell me exactly what speed feats that Luffy has demonstrated in the One Piece series that would make you think that he's a lot faster. Finally, in terms of durability, its obviously Luffy since he's made of rubber so he would have no problem tanking most of Naruto's Rasengan variants. But on the other hand, Naruto has also shown to be extremely durable in Kyuubi Chakra Mode.

    Regular swords are unable to damage him:

    Lava slightly burns him:

    Extreme physical attacks do little damage:

    Also, despite Luffy's durability, lets be honest if Naruto were to use his Rasenshuriken or his super mini bijuu dama and he actually manages to hit Luffy with one of those techniques, Luffy would be done for. Dodging either of those attacks would be a true test a Luffy's speed in Gear Second.

    Overall, I think this fight may actually be a draw in my opinion and again I'm not trying to start a flame war here and I really don't want any fanboying on this thread please, actually take the time to read this then think to yourself and come up with a valid statement telling me if I'm right about this or not and if I'm not tell me who would win and why?
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