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    Rukia Gains a Curse Mark.

    Location: Right side of the neck just behind the ear.

    Rukia entered the hospital, usually the hospital was a safe haven of sorts but this time it gave her chills. The air was thick and heavy and caused rukia to breathe deeply. What was to transpire within these walls.

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    Re: Rukia Gains a Curse Mark.

    Okay. I walk up to the lady, and see the form she holds out in front of her, she wants a curse mark. Interesting, these marks are rare these days, and surprisingly this will be my first one. First for everything right? Well first thing is first, I walk over to her and clean both myself and her of anything bad that may be on either one of us.

    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: C-Rank
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: The medical shinobi fills his palms with small amounts of extremely aggressive chakra and runs them over the areas of his body he wants to clean of any microorganisms, harmful substances, etc. The chakra will eliminate any inert harmful substance or microorganism present on that area. Normally this technique is done on the hands and lower arms just before having contact with a patient but can be applied to the whole body in specific situations (before performing surgery, if the enemy is highly contagious, etc). After being done, the chakra automatically turns back to his regular, non-harmful and calm one.

    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: B-Rank
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: The medical shinobi fills his palms with moderate amounts of semi-aggressive chakra and runs them over any areas of the patient’s body he wants to clean of any microorganisms, controlling the chakra flow constantly so it doesn't becomes too lethal. The area affected is 4 times the area of the users hands. After being done, his chakra automatically turns back to his regular, non-harmful and calm one.

    Once both of us are clean, I walk behind her, as said on the form she wants the curse mark on her right side of her right ear, just behind it. Without waiting a moment since the pain will be well painful, I bite the location she wanted releasing special enzymes and chakra into the body of the women. Once that is done, she is pretty much drowsy so being the doctor I pick her up and place her on one of the many beds, located all around us.

    Rank: A
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra: 30
    Description: The user bites the test subject and infuses him with the required enzymes and chakra, creating a Curse Marked Seal. The technique can create a Cursed Seal of Heaven or a Cursed Seal of Earth. Curse Mark of Heaven: Ninjutsu boost. Curse Mark of Earth: Taijutsu boost.
    Note: Technique can only be used by those with permission to bestow cursed seals.

    So with that completed, the pain will be there for perhaps one or two days, but to be on the safe side, I would like her to be in the bed for a minimum of three full days and night. This is so your chakra can normalise along with the chakra of the Curse-mark. That is what I write on the chart before exiting the room, I also say it to the women so she has a verbal and a written of me saying both.

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