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    Re: NARUTO's SECOND ELEMENT [ water ]

    now, If Tobirama teaches him that... that would be so cool.......

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    Re: NARUTO's SECOND ELEMENT [ water ]

    Quote Originally Posted by u wanna die View Post
    GOOD DAY NB , to start off the topic,

    Currently naruto has wind nature chakra while sasuke [ i just use sasuke as my basis no other intentions] has Fire nature chakra but we all know also that he has now lightning element [ Chidori ; Raikiri ] So when will naruto learn his 2nd element ? and what will it be? In some point naruto must learn to use other element coz we all know most of high rank shinobi [ jounin level up ] must have 2 or 3 element... Now im wondering when will kishi planning to show us naruto 2nd element...

    So i used my little brain hahha :D :D :D

    well in Narutoverse, some of the characters names have actually meanings that are similar to the character's characteristics or its techniques used [ Rock Lee is similar to Bruce Lee , konoha will of fire resembles in uchicha clan and saratubi clan ]

    WHILE I stumble in the google i found out this :

    The Yondaime's family name Namikaze are wave and wind, and Naruto's mothers family name Uzumaki means whirlpool [a surname also related to water ].

    Now naruto's natural element was revealed to be wind when Kakashi tested him. Around this time it was mentioned that most Jounin ninja can control two elements. This certainly implies that Naruto should improve and learn his 2nd element, so he will have another element besides wind.

    Im guessing right here that naruto next element would be WATER

    Assuming that natural ninja elemental affinities are inherited then let's assume that Naruto inherited wind from his dad who as Hokage could probably control most if not all elements and perhaps also an affinity to water, and Naruto's mother probably had strong water jutsu as well because her name means whirlpool.

    and besides Lightning[ Sasuke ] <WIND [ naruto ] < FIRE [ sasuke ] < WATER [probable naruto's element]<Lightning[sasuke to balance it out :D]

    So,my belief is WATER ELEMENT should be narutos next element to learn. The only problem is where would Kishimoto find time for another training arc? The fighting now is no where near to end.. so it up to kishi now :D :D :D

    EDIT : SASUKE FANBOYS ITS JUTS A THEORY DONT HATE :D :D :D ...Its all up to kishi anyways
    Evidently it'll become pointless... It'd just make another rasengan iteration... What now? tsunami rasengan? Crystal ice rasengan? **** naruto, he's so boring. I rather sasuke get another element

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