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    The Dead Zone

    I loved The Dead Zone and I've recently started rewarding it, and I love it even more. Its like reliving a show like its all new, although you've seen it, but you haven't watched it in so long.

    I really enjoy Anthony Michael Hall in this. I always liked him. Just the way he looks, it's so captivating and mystic.

    Anyone else a fan?

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    Re: The Dead Zone

    Movie The Dead Zone from 1983 by David Cronenberg is one of my favorite movies. I'm a huge fan of Cronenberg as a director and Walken is undoubtedly a great actor.
    The series was interesting at the beginning but it became kinda repetitive and boring as the show went on. I also like Michael Hall - he was a good choice for a protagonist, but I just love Nicole Ezri Dax* de Boer

    *I'm a also a Star Trek Deep Space 9 fan

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