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    Hidan/Kakuzu vs Killer Bee

    Location: Where Taka fought Killer Bee
    Knowledge: Nothing,only that Deathly Duo knows that he's 8tailed beast
    Distance: 20m

    Hidan and Kakuzu are sent to capture 8tailed beast,not to kill him...

    Who u think would win?

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    Re: Hidan/Kakuzu vs Killer Bee

    Hidan won't be diffucult to deal with, eventually after whooping his ass Killer Bee will find out about his immortality, it won't be hard for him to cut his head or arms with the samehada or his eight swords with raiton channeled in them.

    Bee can easily break through Kakuzu iron skin like Kakashi did with Raikiri. The raiton mask isnt gonna pose a problem, bee is pretty much immune to raiton jutsus. If team Ino shika cho managed to evade Kakuzu's katon Zukkoku and fuuton Atsugai then so can Killer bee. If things go wrong he would just turn into Hachibi.

    Killer bee wins mid-high diff

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    Re: Hidan/Kakuzu vs Killer Bee

    killer bee of course

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    Re: Hidan/Kakuzu vs Killer Bee

    Lol so many threads over-rating Killer B.

    It's stupid to make a thread saying only certain Akatuski groups can take out "certain Jinjiruki's". All members can take out tailed beast period.

    Again Hidan is being completely underrated as usual. 2 tail beast power speed is on another level to Hidan. Blowing off organs doesn't matter to Hidan, that just leaves Bee more open to attacks.

    Bee can break through iron skin. But bee doesn't go straight to raiton swords just like his battle with Sasuke. Bee using Sword style on Kakuzu first would ruin/break some of his sword play (due to lack of knowledge):

    Then Bee will result into lightening to break the defense.

    Using on Hidan on the other hand won't be as simple as people think it is. Hidan can keep his distance to fight if he sees something that can potentially decapitate him. Hidan by himself can scratch be but with Kakuzu it will make it a lot easier said then done.

    Bee resulting to 8 tails also makes him a bigger target to Kakuzu's elemental bazookas. NO matter how yu look at it, Bee and Hacibi are drawing blood no matter how major or minor it is.

    Zombie duo capture's Jinjuriki high difficulty.

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