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    Wii U Review, Nintendo Has Gone All Out!

    Wii U Console

    So yeah, let's start with the Wii U Console. Let's just say that when you first start it up the process is gonna test your endurance for a long while but don't worry it's worth it. You have to calibrate your Wii U with things including Connection Settings and Syncing your Wii U Gamepad to the System. You're also asked to download an Update that takes a damn good while to finish, but afterwards you're pretty much all set. For that part at least.

    You first have set up a Nintendo Network Account before you can do any major Monkey Business. If you have a PSN or XBL account you should be familiar with how it goes. This is Nintendo's way of getting rid of that lame Friend Codes BS, and let's just say it's ABOUT TIME!!!

    Also, if you have a Wii, you better have kept it when you bought your Wii U cuz you can actually transfer a good chunk of your data from your Wii to your Wii U. You'll be given instructions on how to do it (and you better have an SD Card handy), but otherwise it's another long-winded process that thankfully pays off.

    Anyhow onto the features itself. The Wii U's Gamepad is a is a freak'n awesome little gadget! The best way I can describe the Wii U is that it's an oversized DS console with HD capabilities. What I love so much about the Gamepad is that most of the time you can play most Wii U apps and games with the Gamepad alone.

    In terms of Software, you've got Miiverse which is basically a place where you can create your own messages (written or illustrated) and share them with people from around the world. You've got the Wii U Chat where you can video chat with friends you've made through Nintendo Network. There's also the eShop where you can buy downloadable games. You can even purchase downloadable versions of certain retail games like NSMBU, Nintendo Land, Sonic & All Stars.

    The Wii U also has it's own Wii Menu. It's pretty much a near exact replica of the Wii's Hardware Capabilities, complete with a Disc Channel, Mii Channel, and Wii Shop Channel. It almost renders the Wii Console obsolete, but sadly the Wii U doesn't play Gamecube Games so, if you're one of those enthusiasts from the Gamecube Days, I'd say keep your Wii just for the Backwards Compatibility.

    But otherwise, I'm impressed with the Wii U so far and am looking forward to future updates.

    For you Call Of Duty Fans you don't have to worry about clunky control schemes because you now got this.

    This will be used for hardcore gaming i supposed and is almost like the Xbox 360 controler, except with a few minor touch ups.
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    Re: Wii U Review, Nintendo Has Gone All Out!

    It looks like it's fun, but they're making things unnecessarily complicated. I don't think I'll be getting the Wii U until the price drops substantially.

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    Re: Wii U Review, Nintendo Has Gone All Out!

    I would buy it for that game Monster Hunter 3 Freedom

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    Re: Wii U Review, Nintendo Has Gone All Out!

    Pikmin 3 . . . 'nuff said!

    Peace, love, and :flaw: COWABUNGA F**K!!! :flaw:

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    Re: Wii U Review, Nintendo Has Gone All Out!

    Seems like Nintendo is finally moving forward with Sony and Microsoft.

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