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    【NB】 Holiday Season Art Contest 【2012】


    To celebrate the holiday season NB would like to invite you to take part in this art competition.

    The Challenge.

    You are to come up with an original piece in the spirit of the holidays.
    This does not have to be about Christmas itself or any other particular celebration but it has to at least incorporate the feel of the holiday season. i.e. snow and winter themes.
    You can use anime characters or your own unique ideas to execute this piece.

    The Tools.

    The tools you use are entirely up to you.
    It can be a simple pencil drawing, oil/acrylic painting or even a digital painting.
    However. The image you submit has to be drawn by hand.
    What this means is you must not trace, copy/paste or use renders.
    You must have DRAWN/PAINTED these things yourself whether on paper, tablet or canvas.

    The Prizes.

    You will be awarded the special HOLIDAYS 2012 award.

    => <=

    Cyan name for one month.
    And an art request from myself CasualMisfit.
    (Basically you get to commission CM for an art piece for free.)
    NOTE: I will not draw the following.

    Excessive violence/gore.
    R-rated material.
    Hateful images directed at a group of people.
    Explicit yaoi or yuri.

    The Rules.

    As stated before. This has to be a piece by YOU and entirely drawn by YOU.

    It must not contain unsuitable material such as excessive violence or nudity.

    You must make only ONE submission each.

    Failure to meet these criteria, will result in immediate disqualification.

    How to Enter.

    Simply upload your image to a hosting site of your choice and submit it here using the following template.

    [B]User Name:[/B]
    [B]Image Title:[/B]
    [B]Media/tools used:[/B]
    [IMG]insert image url here[/IMG]

    User Name: CasualMisfit
    Image Title: OC REQUEST 7
    Media/tools used: Tablet/Photoshop

    This competition is open until the 26th December 2012 12th of January 2013

    If you have further questions, please feel free to PM me and I will endeavor to answer any additional questions you may have and will post them in a spoiler below.

    Staff Members May Not Enter

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