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    You mad? I think not

    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 613 Discussion and 614 Predictions

    The Juubi/Madara & Obito knew where the HQ was because the Juubi comprised of highly Natural energy.

    And guys remember, when Naruto is in Sage Mode, which is also comprised of Natural Energy, he is able to sense others nearby.

    This must be the same case with the Juubi.

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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 613 Discussion and 614 Predictions

    RIP HQ, that was a terrible loss
    I feel bad for team 10, they have lost so much already and now Shika and Ino lost thier Dads. I hope the last instructions from Shikaku kicks @$$!

    Man the Juubi is an ugly mofo :P
    Can't wait to see what happens next, just more pages please as this one was short.

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