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    COTC Chapter 1 Part 17 semifinals 1/2

    Hello my NB peeps! Today I give you 2 parts! Well actually one but I had to split it up into two parts because it was way to long anyway next part will be the Chapter 1 finale!!!! I'm sooo excited to bring that to y'all that it may just be out sooner than you think so let's get on with it!

    In case you missed the last part: Part 16

    Chronicles of Tiquan Conley Chapter 1 part 17 Semifinals


    Tiquan: I can't believe I made it this far, I'm in the semis!

    Tiquan, his mother Shara, and his Brother Tziah all walked towards Bright House Networks Stadium. They soon came to the entrance.

    Shara: Good luck baby.

    Tziah: Yeah, good luck even though I'm better than you.
    Tziah then stuck his tongue towards his brother. :p

    Tiquan: - chuckles- Thanks guys.

    They then go there separate ways in preparation for the semifinals of the chunnin exams.

    30 minutes later.

    PA: Ladies and gentleman boys and girls it's time for the semifinals of The Orlando 2006 Chunnin Exams!
    First and foremost please welcome the Enforcer Mr. Diaz and the city elders!
    Next please welcome the final 4!
    Lorimar Diaz
    Stanton Colon
    Casey Stanley and
    Tiquan Conley!
    We will have two matches tonight the first one will show Lorimar vs Stanton while the second bout will showcase Casey vs Tiquan!
    The first battle will begin in 20 minutes good luck everyone!

    Tiquan and Stanton walk back towards the locker room area. While Lorimar and Casey walked backed together.

    Tiquan: Hey man good luck out there that girl ain't no joke.

    Stanton: I got this bro, just believe.

    Tiquan: Alright I believe. Kick her ass!

    Stanton: Hell yeah!

    The two then high five each other.


    Casey: Ok babe you gotta win this it's the only we me and you can face me in the finals.

    Lorimar: Don't worry about me! Worry about yourself.

    Casey: Nah babe I ain't even worried Tiquan can't beat me.

    Lorimar: You underestimate him......the only way you win is with a lucky shot that knocks him out or he let's you win.

    Casey: What!? No faith? Oh I see what's going on here.

    Lorimar: What are you talking about?
    Lorimar asked looking dumbfounded

    Casey: Oh you think I haven't heard all the rumors about you to?

    Lorimar: That's what this is about? Rumors really? I barley even talk to the kid and you're going off rumors?

    Casey: Well I.....

    Lorimar: Well you what? You thought I was cheating on you with somebody I barley even know! You don't trust me!

    Casey: No I do! It's just that......

    Lorimar: No stop. I have a match coming up and I need to prepare for it. Good bye Casey I'll see you later.

    Casey: Are you dumping me.

    Lorimar: Sure if that's how you see it. Bye Casey see you Monday maybe we can talk then.

    Lorimar then left Casey alone in the hallway so she can go and prepare for her match.

    PA: Ladies and gentleman boys and girls, are you ready?

    The crowd had a small pop(cheers) of yeahs.

    PA: No I said ARE YOU READY!!!!!!!???

    There was then a huge pop of yeahs in the crowd.

    PA Well then let's get ready to ruuuuuuumbleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    The crowd then responded with such a massive pop the stadium shook.

    Mr. Diaz: Ok thank you all for being here tonight now it's time for our participants first coming out of the left tunnel. She is my own flesh and blood! I give you Lorimar Diaz, my daughter!

    Lorimar came out of the tunnel quickly nothing special she just had a stern look upon her face she came ready for a fight.

    Mr. Diaz: Next her opponent The boy who knows no jutsu(rumored) Stanton Colon!!!!

    Now Stanton's entrance out of the tunnel was different he would make his way out to Till I Collapse. Stanton's tunnel was filled with red smoke however he didn't make his way until the cadence hit....Stanton comes out to the Cadence dressed in an all red attire(red tank top red basketball shorts, red shoes, and red gloves.) When the verse hit Stanton then runs out on the field and behind him fireworks go off.

    Mr. Diaz: Are the finalist ready?

    Both Stanton and Lorimar nod in unison.

    Mr. Diaz: Begin!

    The battles because with Lorimar using her speed to punch Stanton right in the gut. Stanton falls back in pain. While Lorimar waits.

    Stanton: Wow that hurt....I see why Dominic had troubles.
    Stanton gets ups, spits out some blood, dust himself off and regains his composer.

    Stanton: Alright ***** hit me.....harder this time.

    Lorimar's indignation grew. She activated her lighting aura, and charged Stanton full speed. She was so fast Tiquan couldn't even keep up with her with is regular eyes. However something strange happened Lorimar, was blown back.

    Tiquan: Hmp it seems we have a fight on our hands.

    Lorimar was bewildered she had no idea what just happen, and neither did the crowd.

    Lorimar: What the hell did you just do? You're not suppose to know any ninjutsu!

    Stanton: Blah blah blah blah blah. All you're doing is complaining! Just stopped and if I remember correctly that was just a rumor.

    Lorimar then charged Stanton again just to be pushed back again.

    Stanton: As a lighting user your chances are why keep charging at me!

    Lorimar kept charging Stanton but each try lead to no avail she wasn't getting to Stanton.

    Stanton: Please just stop. Give up while you have dignity left.

    Lorimar spat at Stanton.
    Lorimar: F*ck you ok! I will win.

    Stanton: You have a real dirty mouth for a girl.

    Lorimar: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
    Lorimar then formed a series if hand signs as she did her Light intensified
    Lorimar: This will be your end! Ninja Arts: Twin Thunder Dragon Tornado!

    All of Lorimar's Lighting formed into two giant sized dragons. The dragons roar was sound of thunder. The two then charged Stanton.

    Stanton: Females, hmp they never listen.
    Stanton perform quick hand signs.
    Stanton: Ninja Arts: Gale Hurricane!

    A strong wind rose, the torrential gust flying towards Lorimar in a furious typhoon. The two surging dragons cracked once more in their thunderous assault. The heavenly forces crashed into one another directly between the two combatants. Whirlwinds fluttered about, rippling the attire and whipping the hair of both, while arcs of lightning struck wildly from the force of the dragons. The storm created by the vicious onslaughts raged for minutes, before Stanton's, Gale Hurricane, severed the fierce resistance before it, and crashed into Lorimar.

    Mr. Diaz: The winner of the battle is St-Stanton.
    Mr.Diaz then went to tend to his daughter.

    The crowd was in complete shock and dismay no one knew what to say or how to react for that matter, even Tiquan stood from the balcony with his mouth wide open. Stanton slowly made his way back toward to locker rooms.

    Mr. Diaz: We still have one more match for the night it will began in 30 mins so everyone can tend to whatever they need.
    He was obviously still in distraught at what just went down.

    Tiquan made his way down to the locker room area. He meet Stanton.

    Tiquan: Hey bro man that was awesome congrats!

    Stanton: Thanks man hey man good luck.

    Tiquan: Thanks but I don't need it.

    Stanton: Cocky much?

    Tiquan: Nah, I'm not gonna fight him I'm gonna forfeit I was really looking foward to fighting with Lorimar, plus I've already done enough for them to promote me to chunnin.

    Stanton: True that but don't forfeit man lets give these people a great fight for the finals.

    Tiquan: hmmm I'll think about it.

    Stanton: Really dude. Of you lose let Casey beat you don't beat yourself.

    Tiquan: Fine then I'll give him the fight of his life.

    Stanton: Good.

    PA: The second match will start in 15 minutes I repeat the second match will start in 15 minutes.

    Tiquan: Well that's my que. I'll see ya soon.

    Stanton: Alright good luck.

    Tiquan: Thanks.

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    Re: COTC Chapter 1 Part 17 semifinals 1/2

    and now to ze next one

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    Re: COTC Chapter 1 Part 17 semifinals 1/2

    Interesting... I read bits of the opening and I got a mixed feeling of it. Seemed like you mixed up the past-present tense at times, and it seems like the sentence structure was a bit off at times, but the flow of the story wasn't interrupted much because of this, and the interaction between the characters are believable. Keep it up!

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    Re: COTC Chapter 1 Part 17 semifinals 1/2

    Quote Originally Posted by Michael92 View Post
    Interesting... I read bits of the opening and I got a mixed feeling of it. Seemed like you mixed up the past-present tense at times, and it seems like the sentence structure was a bit off at times, but the flow of the story wasn't interrupted much because of this, and the interaction between the characters are believable. Keep it up!
    :D :overjoy: I thought you probably ripped it apart thanks!

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