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    Profile Designing Guides

    This tutorial is an attempt to guide members on how to successfully customize their profile. Included are pictures/screenshots, notes, and a few tips you might need. Each picture will be in a spoiler/link to prevent the thread from "stretching". This thread is an updated and improved version of the previous tutorial, this applies to vbulletin 4.x.x.

    Vbulletin 4 has a completely different set up and appearance than the one on vbulletin 3. Messages are displayed to the right, while information on the member, groups [Image], recent visitors [Image], friends [image] etc. are displayed to the left. The Profile has six main sections, General, Modules, Inactive Modules, Buttons, Content and Headers. The Profile Message can also be considered a section, but customization for that area is done in the UserCP. At the moment, NB profiles do not support Mixpod playlists, for Youtube videos to be included, it has to be done in the Profile Message Area.

    General: This is where you choose the main background, you can also choose the page link colour and title text colour here (the thing that says how much visitor messages you have). The given dimensions -> 1003 (w) x 2000 (h)

    Modules: These are the small boxes showing the visitor message pages. The given dimensions -> 703 (w) x 265 (h), however, the height may be increased if one's message-making box is stretched.

    Inactive Modules: It's majority of the area to the left of the profile, it also borders the message box. It's also the fill for visitor message pages. The given dimensions -> 800 (w) x 2000 (h), however, please keep in mind that one's number of groups may greatly increase the required height for the Inactive Module.

    Buttons: The boxes/buttons for "Post" and "Go Advanced" as well as "Customize Profile". All located to the right-most side of the message box.

    Content: As the name suggests, this is where the main content is kept. The actual message in a vm is part of the content, as well as a few areas over the inactive module. The given dimensions -> 625 (w) x 500 (h)

    Headers: The area which displays the name of the member, date of his/her message as well as the "View Conversation" and "Report" links. The given dimensions -> 625 (w) x 28 (h)

    Before actually customizing your Profile, the first thing to do is to source and upload the images. Be sure that the images are of good quality. Such images can be found on deviantART or some other websites with HQ pictures (google them). When you have located your images and downloaded them, visit your profile and look to the left, scroll downwards until you see "Albums" [Image]. If you already know how to upload images to an album, skip this area. In that same area, beside the word album, is a link that says "More", by clicking that, you'll be taken to your album management page. By clicking the button located at the top right, youyou're taken to a page where you fill out a few areas, be sure to set the album type to profile then select "Save Changes". By selecting the profile album type, you can customize your profile, but that album isn't shown to anyone else, protecting your pictures from theft. Once the album is created, a page should appear, click the "Upload Pictures" link to the top right [Image]. A new window will open, select "Add Files" which will open another window from which you will click "Select Files.

    From there, select the files located on your PC, click "Upload Files" [Image]. The last thing to do, is to edit the name of the image (if you want), if not, click "Save Changes". There, you now have your album and pictures! Do you need to make any other edits, delete or move pictures, it can all be done right there by selecting "Edit Album" located at the top right. Moving on to the actual customizing now.

    Click the Customize button located on your profile, right above your insert message box. [Image]
    The customization area will come up, the six profile sections mentioned earlier will be shown (General, Modules, Inactive Modules, Buttons, Content and Headers). [Image]
    There are several boxes, most with colours in them. By clicking a box, you can make a selection. Some sections allow you to choose either a colour, gradient, or image from your album. [Image]
    If the image is too small, feel free to use the repeat option. It multiples the image so it spreads over the area.
    For each change you make, a preview will be automatically displayed, use this to make any adjustments necessary.
    Save changes when done, be sure to ask around to see what others think. Experiment around until you arrive at a final result you're satisfied with.


    Use only high quality images.
    Be sure that all text is visible.
    Do not make the profile too flashy, this isn't very pleasing to the eye.
    Choose a colour scheme before you start customizing. There are colours that go very well with each other, eg. Red, black, white.
    Use textures in some areas, such as the content area (so that text is visible) and module area(s).
    Use colors that compliment each other.
    Don't use small pictures in large background areas, unless it looks normal if repeated.
    Try to work around a specific theme.
    Do not use distracting animated images.
    Fill all areas for the Profile Sections.
    Use smooth textures or abstracts for the Main Background.

    This is the part of your profile where you can be extremely creative with BBcode markup. To edit the Profile message, you must go to your UserCP then Edit Profile section. Scroll to the bottom where it says "Profile Intro Text", insert whatever you wish there to add the final touch to your profile. You can add images by using the [IMGPROF]Image link here[/IMGPROF] tags. For BBcode to successfully work here, you must remove all quotation marks in the tags, eg. in [Size="5"] [/Size], for that to actually work, the quotation marks around 5 must be deleted. Youtube videos can also be added here, just let your creativity flow. Good Luck!

    Banner and Tutorial by Drizzeh
    Cheers Rei, you did an awesome job with the previous tutorial.
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    [Profile Tutorial] Blending Effect

    Hello everyone! Since many of you have been asking me this question via PM, VM or other places, I'm pretty generous now just to show you how to do the blending effect on your profile. It's not very difficult, but it's not very easy either. Make sure you try to understand this tutorial because, boy... I've been loaded with requests and therefore questions above that will occupy my time in a big degree. If you have any questions, please contact me!

    My tutorial will be based on PHOTOSHOP, but if you use gimp, that's okay. Although I don't know how GIMP works. Also, keep in mind that this tutorial is only for the soul purpose of achieving this trick only, and there will be no assistance in GFX decoration and further photo manipulation. If you're someone not familiar with photo editing programs, then I assure you that you will struggle with the terminology used throughout the passage. Good luck!

    I'm NOT going to show you how to do this with a render because you gotta learn how to use renders by yourself on YouTube. Search signature tutorials, or check this link out to know how to work on renders. So, I'll show you how to do it with a stock. First of all, find a stock. For the best outcome, make sure you find a high quality one. Good stocks can be found at ZeroChan. Google ZeroChan and use that website to find a high resolution render that might fit your profile. For example: 1. Search [Image] 2. Big Image [Image]

    First of all, go to your profile and make sure your Inactive Module's Background is switched to "None". [Image] for example.

    Second of all, use this transparent [Image] as your profile picture to get the frame size of your profile picture and get this [Image] and use it as your INTRO text. These'll come in handy throughout the process. [Image] for example.

    Once you got that blank profile pictures on to your profile. Scroll down a little so that it's your profile only starting from the top of your page. [Image] Then get the snipping tool, snip your profile from the top, all the way down to where your task-bar finishes. The snipping doesn't have to be perfect, to get the whole size, snip a little outside your profile. Save the image. For example, a snip link this [Image] is fine.

    OK. Now go and open PHOTOSHOP, or GIMP. As I said, my tutorial will be based on PHOTOSHOP, so the tutorial images will be in Photoshop. Open the file you snipped out, then crop the image so the unnecessary sides are removed. [Image] Create a new layer then open the stock you've got, select, copy and paste it over the snipped image. (Ctrl + T in Photoshop) to resize the image, play around with the size to make sure the stock fits your profile perfectly (also make sure the stock is not over stretched to make it look decent). [Image] Delete your profile layer and save the image. Go and upload it in IMGUR or another image host site, get the direct link (www.test/abcd.png, .jpg etc)... link and paste it onto your profile background link area. [Image] for visual learners.

    Now, get the snipping tool once again, cut out the profile picture and the intro text out (you don't have to cut them out perfectly, just roughly). [Image] Save the images. Now go to your editing program, PHOTOSHOP or GIMP and crop the images nicely (crop out the unneeded areas like we done in the previous step) For the profile picture, make sure the border is also cropped out. [Image], same goes with the intro text image, the border shouldn't be included. Then re-save the intro image and the profile picture. Go back to your userCP and upload your new profile picture, and then go and upload your intro text picture on a image hosting site, get the direct link and use it. 1. Profile Picture [Image] 2. Intro Text Image [Image] and click save.

    Once you done all that, it's time to change the levels for your Inactive module and your background. If you want them to be the same, then you just need to change the background's one. I'll do both to show you how decent it's going to look.

    Go to your profile and cut out your Inactive Module using snipping tool. (Remember the snipping doesn't have to be perfect). [Image] Save the image. Go to your editing program and open that file, and crop out the unnecessary areas, also make sure the Inactive Module's border is cropped out. [Image - This is mine when cropped out nicely] For the Inactive Module to work properly throughout the whole profile, make sure this much is removed: [Image]. Use this [Image] for guidance to how many area should be removed. Place it onto a new layer over the cropped Inactive Module image, and move, and place it like I have. Click the Inactive Module image layer, then get the selection tool, select from top, to the whole width of the Module till where the guide finishes in height and hit delete. Remove the guide layer.

    Now since you got a perfect Inactive Module image, you can change the lighting levels of the image. This is the part where the effect comes in! In Photoshop, make sure the image's layer is selected, then go to Image > Adjustments > Levels 1. Opening [Image] 2. Settings [Image] then change the level by using this option, either to dark, or making it lighter. Level the image to the way you desire and click OK. Save the image and upload it to an image hosting website. Put it as your inactive module background by using the direct link. [Image] for an example of the outcome. Once again, make sure the inactive module background's repetition settings is on "None".

    For the background, do the same thing as the instructions above but use the whole stock instead and change the tone to a different one used on the Inactive Module picture. [Image] for a full out come.

    To fix the last part here: [Image] Snip your whole design on your profile, save the image and open in your editing program. Crop the unnecessary parts. Next, open the stock that you used for your profile background before you placed the new one [Image - I used this stock before putting the lightened one], select the image and copy. Go back to the tab of your profile design, make a new layer, and paste the image there. 1. Paste [Image] 2. Layer Set [Image] Double click on the image's layer and reduce the opacity and move the image and match the placement of your profile [Image] delete all the area's that you don't need and keep that part of the image. To do this the easy way, all you need to do is get the selection tool, toggle off the stock layer, select the error on the Inactive Module [Image] and then toggle the stock layer back on, click on the stock's layer and press Ctrl + C to copy that area, and then Ctrl + V to paste that area down. Delete the unneeded layers and keep the one you've just made. Now match the level to the rest of the Inactive Module. [Image] Once that's done, if you placed the stock exactly the same way i have placed it, you need to have identical area as the area you left for the stock on the top of your profile background. [Image] save the whole profile design as a .PNG and use that image as your profile background. [Image - For a whole preview]

    There you have it. The so called technique. If you want to add effects that's all up-to you, the tutorial was only for the soul purpose of accomplishing this trick. Just to let you know once again, this isn't for super beginner newbies in profile editing or even Graphic Designing. If you aren't a graphic designer, I don't know what the point is in attempting this technique. Good luck!

    Tutorial by Nefertari
    Banner by Drizzy
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