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5 speed??? 5 strength? I'm sorry , only things I disagree with... Hashirama was never shown in the manga to be a speedster type. I see no reason for giving him speed on the level of gai , who trained his life to attain that... he probably is below kakashi who has one of the fastest bases in the manga. (4.5)

Strength???? Once again 5 strength has been shown to be attributed to taijutsu beasts etc.. Kisame who's strength was stated to be superhuman and could operate samehada with one hand... Gai

Stanima 5? yes definitely
intelligence 5? wouldn't doubt it
taijutsu 5? stretch, i'd give him 4 or 4.5
ninjutsu 5? definitely
genjutsu 5? maybe, 4/4.5 to be safe
My bad, it should be Power, not strength.