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    AotW Rules

    Album of The week Rules:

    AOTW is a weekly contest, every Sunday the submissions thread is opened and the previous event will be closed, a theme is given and the previous week's winners are announced.

    The rules:

    - To take part you need to fill in the given form.
    - No copying other people.
    - No insulting other contestants.
    - You can have 12-18 pictures.
    - All pictures must have a specific style, chosen by you and mentioned in your album's title.
    - Only one album is allowed per member.
    - All pictures must be selected by you, do not ask for help, but if you have to, do it on a Messenger please.
    - The submitted work must match the given theme.
    - No stealing other peoples work.

    ~Disobeying the rules will get you disqualified~
    ~Making fun of, insulting or flaming in any way any contestant or his/her work, will result in an infraction~
    ~Posting things like: "Mine was better" or "I don't understand how this album won" will be considered an insult towards both NB staff and NB members and of course you will get immediately infracted~


    1st Place:
    ~A Medal, Username Change, Temporarily Colored Username.

    2nd Place
    ~Username Change and a Medal (if submissions were more than 10)

    3rd Place (only if the submissions were more than 10)
    ~Username Change

    If for some reason the albums on NarutoBase don't allow you to upload new pictures, make a photobucket account (set everything on public) and feel free to make an album there. Don't forget to take a screenshot and give the link as well in your application.

    Thanks ^^
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    Re: AotW Rules


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    Re: AotW Rules

    Updated rules: You can now use photobucket (or any other image-hosting tool/website that allows you) to upload your pictures and make the albums (until the NB uploader gets fixed). I still want screenshots and links to it though, so don't forget to make it public.

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