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    AotW #174: 7 Deadly Sins

    Welcome to the AotW #174: 7 Deadly Sins
    This week's theme will be the 7 Deadly Sins (lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride).
    Be creative and have fun, peeps!

    This contest's purpose is to judge the best job a member can do in creating an album under a specific theme.
    Before you submit make sure you read the rules. Discuss anything about the AotW contest here: Discussion.

    ⫷ How to make your album! ⫸

    1 | Every week a new theme will be announced and you will have to create your album based on that theme, however, you also need to choose a style for your album. It can be anything (black & white, secondary theme, etc), but you have to chose a style and mention that style in the title of your personal album, like this: "AotW #1, black & white".

    2 | Your personal album submission may include 12-18 pictures, no more - no less, and all pictures must adhere to the forum's rules. If one or all your pictures are custom made, please mention so, under every picture, as a comment.

    3 | After you create your personal album, you are free to edit it until the submission time ends; I'll check the time your pictures are edited. If for some reason the albums on NB don't work, feel free to use a photobucket or any other website to make the album in. Just make sure it still adheres to the rules and make sure you can make albums.

    ⫷ How your album will be judged! ⫸

    Creativity: Was your particular style not only suitable, but demonstrative of 'thinking outside the box'?
    Originality: Do not, under any circumstance, copy another member's submission, including old contests.
    Appealingness: Is the album drawing attention and interest, or does it make some viewers uncomfortable.
    Image Search: Please, don't just take the very first image you stumble across doing a google search.

    ⫷ AotW Prizes! ⫸

    The AotW Contest offers prizes to the best entries, usually 1st - 3rd place, but only with a minimum of ten entries.

    1st Place
    The AotW Award (permanent)
    Cyan Username (1 month)
    Username Changes (thrice via an admin)
    Premium-sized Avatar (1 month)

    2nd Place
    The AotW Award (permanent)
    Username Change (once via an admin)

    3rd Place
    Username Change (once via an admin)

    ⫷ How to submit your entry! ⫸

    When your album is ready, post in this thread utilizing the template found immediately below.

    PHP Code:
    [I]~I wish to take part~[/I]

    I]Album's Style:[/I]
    [I]Link to Your Album:[/I]
    [I]Screenshot of Your Album:[/I] 

    ⫷ How to take a screenshot! ⫸

    Mac Users
    To capture the entire desktop, press Command-Shift-3.
    The screen shot will be automatically saved as a PNG file on your desktop.

    Windows Users
    Press "Print Screen". On laptops, you may have to press the "Fn" button, for a proper screenshot.
    Open Microsoft Paint, paste the screenshot and Save.

    P.S. Everyone, remember to make your album PUBLIC.

    Good luck!

    Submission deadline is Sunday, at 11:59 pm (GMT -5). I do not check albums until after the deadline.

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    what's wrong with a little

    Re: AotW #174: 7 Deadly Sins

    ~I wish to take part~
    Username: Frankenstein
    Album's Style: Insert Sin here
    Link to Your Album:
    Screenshot of Your Album:

    This theme reminds me of the style I had selected when the theme was "Food"

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    Re: AotW #174: 7 Deadly Sins

    ~I wish to take part~

    Username: Kingpanda
    Album's Style: Lust
    Link to Your Album:
    Screenshot of Your Album:

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