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    AotW #201: Musical Instruments

    Album of the Week Contest: #201

    The theme is Musical Instruments. Your albums can vary but need to stay in line with the theme. Be creative. You can use your imagination to create a good album. The images you use don't necesarily have to be musical instruments persee. They can be tatoo's of said theme, art, and the likes.

    ⇜⇜⇜⇜ Judging Criteria ⇝⇝⇝⇝
    Theme Adherence
    ⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜ Prohibited Characteristics ⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝
    Do not use images that are sexually charged or suggestive.
    Do not use images that are overly cruel, grotesque, or violent.
    Do not use images that disparage or present others in a false light.
    Do not use images from somebody else's album(s) (ripping).
    Do not use less than 12 images or more than 18 images.

    Every two weeks a new theme will be announced and participants will have to create a unique album based on the given theme, thus albums must not be substantially similar to another participant's submission. In addition, each album must have an overall style. It can be anything (black & white, etc.), but 'something' must be chosen and must not be the style used by another competing album. Naturally, earlier submissions will take precedent over later submissions using similar styles. The particular style must be explicitly stated in the title of the album submission, like this: "AotW #194, Race Cars.". These rules are enforced at all times, and ignorance is not an excuse. Please report any rule violations to the host.

    All submissions are intended to be anonymous - only the host should be aware of all the participants' identities and their respective albums. Neither the names of the image hosting accounts nor anything pertaining to the albums may be traced back to one's NB username or account. Divulging one's participation in AotW contests, to any NB user prior to the release of results, is grounds for immediate disqualification and possibly sanctions. This is to minimize supposed biases.

    Additionally, all participants are expected to maintain a certain standard of sportsmanship. The submissions done by fellow participants, regardless of overall quality, may never be publicly demeaned in any sort of manner. Constructive criticism is acceptable, but should never include negative words such as 'bad' and 'terrible', and certainly not comments that may easily be construed as insults. Similarly, participants may not publicly state that their submission deserved to place higher than another member's submission. The judging process is fundamentally impartial from start to finish, and largely subjective withal. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion, but past a certain degree, it should remain unspoken.

    ⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜⇜ Submitting Entries ⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝⇝

    When the album is complete, PM the host (Klaus). Please entitle it "AotW Submission [#???]" and include:

    PHP Code:

    [I]I acknowledge the AotW rules, and wish to participate.[/I]

    B]Album Style:[/B]
    B]Link to Album:[/B]
    B]Album Screenshot:[/B

    1st Place - - Album Submission

    Cyan Username
    2nd Place - - Album Submission

    3rd Place - - Album Submission


    Submission deadline is April 15, at 10:59 pm (GMT -4 AST). Albums are not judged until after the deadline.

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