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    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide was the best show ever! (well, one of them.) and i want to dedicate this thread to all the great memories this show held. : )

    (if you loved this show, show some love and post a great memory of this show. )


    The Guide (all tips)

    During the first day: just relax, be yourself and don’t panic!
    Get a haircut 2 weeks before school starts so it can grow in.
    Plan ahead on classes to get the same as friends.
    September = Summer, so don’t wear winter clothes.
    No class is ever full, just ask the teacher.
    Have a seat by the door to avoid the “door jam”.
    Be on your BEST behavior, you don’t want to get on the teachers bad side.
    Set goals for yourself during the school year.
    Try to study before class.
    If your new, don’t sweat it, talk to some people.
    Have fun, get to know your teachers better.
    Make sure you have all your school supplies.
    Pick out clothes that show who you are to make a first impression.
    Pay attention to the rules and then when you come home memorize them so you don’t have to later on.
    Make sure you always brush your hair and teeth before you go. Also make sure you have all your clothes on.
    If one bathroom is full, go to a different one.
    Ask the school nurse if you can use their bathroom.
    Never go to the bathroom when the teacher is talking.
    Always go to the bathroom before leaving home to avoid being late for class
    Always knock on the door.
    If a stall runs out of toilet paper tell the person that is about to go in.
    If your school bathroom really stinks then go to the bathroom before you go to school and don’t drink a lot of water except during P.E. Or you could ask the nurse to use his/her bathroom
    Always listen to what the teacher is saying.
    Try to do as much homework as you can in class so that you don’t have much to do at home.
    Helping the teacher out doesn’t make you a teachers pet.
    Don’t be afraid to raise your hand. It doesn’t mean your dumb.
    Take notes when the teacher is talking
    Sit next to new people to make new friends.
    Avoid sitting next to the bullies or the class clown, since they will only distract you.
    Sitting in front helps you learn.
    Sit near the door to get to your classes quicker.
    Stay away from really talkative people.
    Sit around nice people just in case it is your seat forever.
    If you sit next to your friends you may be distracted.
    Sitting in the front doesn’t always mean that you will always get called when the teacher asks a question
    Being the first to sign up doesn’t help your chances of making the cut.
    Get the right equipment.
    Visualize all the pros. Visualization helps!
    Don’t give up,keep practicing, if you don’t make the team. You can make it next year.
    Remember that practice makes perfect.
    Don’t be afraid of trying out new things because you just might like it.
    Be prepared!
    If you don’t make it, tryout for something else!
    If you don’t make it, don’t make a scene!
    Sometimes their way out of your league, but try anyway, it’s ok if they say no.
    If you like someone, just ask them out.
    Don’t get crushed by a crush.
    Try to go for someone who is in the same grade as you.
    Don’t be afraid of crushing, if someone finds out the teasing will stop.
    Be yourself and go talk to him/her.
    If someone likes you and you don’t like them back or hate them, just talk to them and tell them how you feel and ask them to leave you alone or become friends.
    If your crush doesn’t like you remember you could still be friends.
    Don’t do extra things to get your crushes attention like too much makeup or dressing weirdly. It just shows you have to have them and you can’t move on.
    If your going to talk to your crush, don’t make up lies about yourself. Lieing will just get you into trouble later and it shows you don’t like yourself for who you really are
    Dress cool and comfortable and it doesn’t matter what anyone says.
    Going across dance floors can be tough. So dance your way through!
    To break the ice, get that special someone a beverage!
    Avoid strict teachers.
    Don’t waste your whole time trying to dance with someone special, get out there and dance with your friends.
    Have fun.
    If you have no one to dance with,just dance with friend or dance all by yourself.
    If you are not going with someone, go as a group with your friends, so you don’t ruin your whole night.
    Don’t eat food. If you do, then you could vomit or need to go to the bathroom a lot and other kids will make fun of you
    If you are part of the rumor, IGNORE THEM!
    If you hear a rumor DON’T SPREAD IT!
    If you heard a rumor that you know is a lie don’t worry about it another will come around
    Just because you hear it from a friend or another student does not make it true!
    If a rumor about someone comes to you, think to yourself….SO WHAT!
    Most of the time a rumor is, when someone hears a part of a sentence so don’t listen to them.
    If you hear a rumor don’t ignore it confront the person who is lying and tell them that he or she is a very nice and fun person and they shouldn’t be lying about them and tell the person who is spreading the rumors how she or he would feel if someone made a rumor about them.
    Don’t start a rumor about the person you hate
    No matter who it is sick, don’t be happy if someone is sick.
    If you are sick don’t wait, go to the nurses office immediately.
    If a teacher is away sick get used to a new substitute teacher
    If you are sick, text or call friends to get missing assignments and homework.
    If you’re home sick, ask a friend to take GOOD notes for you, or ask to take homework also to you that day.
    If your teacher is sick and you get a sub teacher,don’t do whatever you want, the sub will tell your real teacher what you did.
    Practice, practice, practice.
    Prepare for distractions.
    Do not be nervous.
    Do not be sad if you did not make it because at least you tried.
    To avoid choking, imagine people in their underwear .
    Don’t go to the spelling bees if you are not good at spelling.
    If it’s timed DO NOT say ummmm….
    Don’t force a smile, be yourself in front of the camera.
    Practice a smile.
    If you don’t like your picture then see if your school has a make-up picture day.
    Don’t blink.
    Be yourself.
    Bring an extra outfit in case something happens to the first outfit
    Bring a hair brush to fix your hair before the picture
    Make sure you clear your nose before the picture.
    If you force to smile or say cheese that isnt your real smile picture something funny in your head and your real natural smile will come out
    Treasurer: Good for beginners.
    Vice President: Informs the students.
    Best and hardest is Class President.
    Go big with posters.
    Hand out fliers.
    Keep it short and simple for speeches.
    Try to be yourself
    For speeches don’t sweat it, it’s not like your giving the speech to become the president of the U.S.A.
    If your shy when giving speeches, picture everyone in their underwear.
    Practice saying your speech to avoid pausing, saying “umm”, and stopping between words.
    Don’t like something? Don’t complain, change it.
    Everybody has a talent.
    Express yourself and have fun.
    Find your talent and go for it.
    If you don’t want to perform your talent, don’t force yourself; just watch from the audience and have a good time.
    And don’t make fun of other kids’ talents. Who knows? You could be next.
    If you want to perform in a talent show, but are too nervous, get a friend to do something with you.
    Use computer lab time wisely.
    Sign up early.
    Go during off peak hours to avoid the crowd.
    Ask your teacher for help.
    Listen it may help you.
    Pack tissues
    Pack sharpened pencils
    Put your name on everything
    Empty your bag before throwing it out
    Don’t over-stuff your backpack
    Make sure your bag is zipped
    When you get a new backpack, remember to take out all your stuff
    Write as neat as you can, if you can’t read them you can’t study them.
    Use a foot note.
    Write things in a second notebook, it helps you retain the information.
    Write down what the teacher says.
    If the teacher says the same thing twice, underline it because there’s a possibility it will be on a test.
    If you want to skip paper, and use texting, turn your ringer off.
    Friends look out for each other.
    Talk about problems with your friends.
    Everyone needs a bestfriend.
    Never talk behind their back.
    If a friend is there for you, be there for them.
    Don’t be too obvious.
    Avoid the Out - the - Window dream.
    Daydream at an educational classroom item.
    Daydreaming actually helps you come up with solutions.
    Avoid drooling.
    If your day dreaming look in front of the class don’t stare into space.
    Wear something light to stay cool.
    Wash your gym clothes once a week.
    Take a sink shower if the showers freak you out(if you have showers).
    It would help if you had a brush, deodorant, and any other things to help you look like when you came in.
    Make a study sheet.
    Make study tricks.
    Talk to your teachers about rescheduling.
    Cheaters never win, winners never cheat.
    Use the book barrier to keep cheaters from cheating
    If there’s a cheater near you, ask to move
    If you positively need to tell a teacher, tell them anonymously to avoid being called a snitch.
    Never fight or use explicit language towards your cheater, just talk to them.
    Teachers are a bully - free zone.
    If you know their schedule, you can avoid them
    Find out about peer mediation.
    Tell a parent,teacher,or a counselor.
    Chill out, don’t yell
    Be prepared, don’t’ panic
    Have an emergency plan with your friends.
    Make a new semester to-do list.
    Get started doing things on your list ASAP (as soon as possible).
    Make sure that you know where all your classes are.
    Try to do better than your last semester.
    Try to maybe get on honor roll this time.
    Try to make new friends.
    If there are any new people (teachers, principles, students,… ); try and help them feel home by being nice to them
    If you’re good at it, take it.
    Don’t let teasing stop you, because someday the teasing will stop.
    Do great with a great teacher
    Don’t sign up for something you’re not good at, even if you’re friends are taking that class.
    Brainstorming creates great ideas and speeches.
    Plan fun teacher/student challenges.
    Hand out awards.
    Bring money for snacks
    Check school lunches that are posted on school bulletin boards and online.
    If you don’t like your lunch, trade it.
    Get in line early and buy for friends.
    No food or money? Make an instant pot-luck with friends.
    Remember to not eat like a pig.
    Don’t eat any stinky foods or foods that make you have gas.
    Don’t use your shirt as a napkin.
    Take easy and neat to read notes
    Copy to your second notebook
    Take neat notes, so your neat notes are useful, in the end, when you need to read them.
    Keep it short, time is limited.
    Get a jump on the project and start early.
    Quickly erase any embarrassing shots.
    Always click protector tabs on your tapes.
    You can’t ignore math, it is everywhere.
    When you come across something difficult,be positive, and believe in yourself.
    Ask questions right away, don’t wait!
    Study group + friends = No Math anxiety.
    Tell the truth, no matter how much it hurts.
    Vice Principals never believe liars, even if they are telling the truth for once.
    Wear your all time favorite outfit on Mondays.
    Make Mondays ‘Favorite Lunch Days’.
    Make Monday fun - day.
    Watch your favorite movies
    Organize a favorite game with friends
    Don’t freak out, your body will change.
    Stay active and stay healthy.
    Dont worry about what people say.
    Ask your teacher for help.
    List your tasks in order of importance.
    Don’t do nothing, keep working.
    If you dont want to do dissection to a live/dead animal, ask you teacher if you could do virtual dissection. it’s not messy or gross.
    A note from a parent can get you out of anything.
    Don’t make fun of squeamish kids, you could be next.
    Don’t get in the way of 8th graders
    Walk with your friends in dangerous zones
    Beware of Upper Class Men traditions.
    If you say no to a dare you’re not being a chicken, you’re being smart.
    Dangerous dares are not worth it.
    Admit you have a bad habit and get psyched to beat it.
    Replace bad habits with healthier habits.
    Take small steps to beat your bad habit.
    Think about life without your bad habit.
    The normal teacher will return.
    Short term teachers can make your head spin
    Get to know the substitute you might like them
    Be nice they could send a good report to your teacher
    Just because your regular teacher isn’t there, doesn’t mean you can behave badly. Because chances are, they’ll find out and it WON’T be pretty.
    Invite the new kid to lunch.
    Introduce yourself.
    Be yourself, you’ll make friends.
    And if you are making new friends with a new kid be good to them and introduce them with your friends
    Avoid giving mushy-lovey cards.
    Funny cards = less pressure.
    Get in on the fun with an anonymous card.
    If you have a crush get her/him something
    Don’t say anything that makes someone else feel bad
    Use cool web design software for a cool website.
    Set up a live web-cam in your school.
    Volunteer to keep the website updated.
    Change your look - change your self image.
    Develop your social skills.
    Scare your shyness by facing it.
    Try to talk to more people, and introduce yourself to new friends.
    Think about it, find a reason why you need to be shy, then you might realize you dont need to be, or you can find a solution for your shyness!
    If you’re stuck with a super bad nickname, tell the Vice Principal.
    If you don’t like your nickname, you could try talking to your friends about it and give them suggestions for another one.
    Do something funny or something for charity,they then will call you a nickname that you are fine about.
    Don’t let a nickname bother you.
    Avoid freezing and practice how to ask.
    Good places to ask out - Cafeteria, Hallway, Outside by flowers
    Bad places to ask - Gym Class
    Can’t ask someone out if they’re going out with someone else.
    Get an “Ambassador” to screen your potential date.
    Not everyone says yes so be ready.
    They are more likely to say yes if you ask them directly.
    When asking someone out, just be yourself.
    Reuse recyclables and create things or art.
    The back of almost anything can be used for memos.
    Start your own recycling program at school.
    Use reusable totes for lunch instead of paper bags .
    Keep reminding yourself it’s April Fool’s Day so you can be ready for the tricks somebody’s gonna pull on you.
    If there is a unusual atmosphere, it’s a prank.
    Keep your pranks nice and playful.
    Don’t do pranks on the same person because they’ll know if it’s a prank.
    Keep your excuses realistic, and not something like the dog ate my homework.
    Don’t lie about forgetting something, your teacher most times will understand or give you more time.
    Don’t tell secrets. You could hurt someone.
    If a secret hurts a friend, say sorry.
    Sometimes revealing a secret will make you feel better.
    Don’t tell a secret to someone you know will break.
    It’s always best not to tell someone a secret.
    Bring extra clothes.
    Keep your schedule flexible for weather.
    Advertise near traffic.
    A wet car is not always a clean car.
    Do better at washing someones car they might really appreciated.
    You don’t have to go crazy to show our school spirit.
    Don’t get upset if you’re not Spirit King or Queen .
    All that matters is to have FUN
    Don’t Forget your spirit, improvise!
    Some clothes never go out of style: jeans, button shirts, t-shirts and hi-tops(converse).
    Clothes seem to affect who you are.
    Beware of ones that do go out of style.
    If certain clothes look cool or fashionable but aren’t comfortable, don’t wear them.
    Remember that clothes were made to keep you warm, so you don’t need to make such a big deal out of them.
    Submit your own fun photos.
    Hurry and get your money in early.
    Try not to put mean things and comments in your yearbook.
    Subscribe to magazines and internet sites.
    Try different jobs.
    Remember that these are just proposals. You can be whatever you wanna be in your life.
    Practice and master the BASICS.
    Open yourself up to other types of music, such as classical.
    If you don’t find the right instrument at first, it’s ok, everyone has their instrument.
    Clown around the Cafeteria - Good.
    Clown around Vice Principal - Bad.
    Beware of sitting next to the Class Clown.
    Class clowns can get you into trouble.
    Take some advantage of class clowns and try to finish work early while the teacher is scolding them.
    If you fail, don’t overreact.
    If you’re failing, try something new.
    Talk to your Guidance Counselor for advice on how to pass.
    Ask the teacher if you can do more in the class to pass the class. This tip always works so don’t be shy.
    Ask your teacher about tutor options.
    Don’t be afraid to ask for a new tutor.
    Beware of tutors who do the work for you.
    Don’t beat yourself up. If you have a tutor, it doesn’t mean you’re dumb.
    You can find experiments online.
    Save time and money and use stuff around the house.
    Teachers only want to see the scientific method.
    Connect with a friend quietly in Study Hall.
    Tell a friend you’ll talk later or move.
    Bored in Study Hall? Get your game on.
    If it’s loud, use headphones.
    Use the book barrier.
    If you need to study ask to go to the library.

    Ohh man, I miss this show.

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    That show was my 2006.. I won't front.

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    Oh yea, that show which was shown on Nickelodeon! ... It wasn't that good for me, Not saying it sucked or anything...

    P.S. Fairly Odd Parents > Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    fap fap fap

    fap fap fap

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    ive written every single tip in a Notebook i had laying around ^^

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by khallil123 View Post
    fap fap fap

    fap fap fap
    O.O Why Cookie? WHY?

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    I loved that show, the janitor was amazing.

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    yeah ...It was awesome ...... actually im watching it right now yay

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    Why is there a Hannah Montana picture in that spoiler?
    Lol I miss this show so much.

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    yeah I like that show I always liked the tips that they gave right after something bad happened lol!

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    This show was the bomb. Do you guys remember Danny Phantom? Loved that show too^^

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    This show. I lveo it

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    I LOVE Ned. I feel like it's one show that's forgotten too often.

    I remember writing down my survival guide back in like middle school

    I also loved Danny Phantom. A really amazing show. Both are in my all time favorites.

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    Quote Originally Posted by -Holy Cross- View Post
    I loved that show, the janitor was amazing.
    i second that lol

    he's crazy and funny

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    This is the first Time i have ever heard of the show

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    I loved this show

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    old show still love it

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    Re: Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

    I liked that show. o_o

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