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    Munakata Reisi

    Basic Information

    Birth Name: Munukata Reisi
    Nickname: The Blue King
    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Clan: Hōzuki clan


    Munakata is a tall, muscular young man with short black hair and violet eyes. He wears frame less, rectangular-shaped glasses. He wears a high collared, long-sleeved dark blue trench coat left unzipped from the waist down; around it, there is a black belt with a gold-colored buckle strapping the two pieces of clothing together. Underneath his intricate coat, Munakata wears a white shirt with an upturned collar, dark blue pants, and knee-high black boots with silver metal frames.


    Munakata is a sophisticated, observant and composed individual who is cautious in the battlefield. Though he is willing to use physical action in a fight, Munakata does attempt to win with victory through negotiation instead. He is a natural leader and generally puts the concern of innocent lives over his own. Munakata has a fondness for solving jigsaw puzzles during his spare time. Munakata is an avid smoker.

    Village Info

    • Village of Birth: Kirigakure
    • Village of Allegiance: Kirigakure

    Rank//Chakra Info

    Ninja Rank: Sannin
    Specialty: Water|Wind|
    Elements: 土 火 水 雷 風
    • → Mastered
    • → A rank
    • → Mastered
    • → Mastered
    • → Mastered

    Your Ninjustu
    • Ninjutsu → D Rank
    • Taijutsu → Mastered
    • Genjutsu → C Rank
    • Kenjutsu → C Rank
    • Dragonfly Contract → Contract Holder
    • Hozuki Clan abilities → Mastered

    Background Information

    Munakta was born into the well known and feared Hozuki clan. The whole ninja world knew of their ability. It is said if you ever encounter one, it would be wise to avoid battling and to run. Munakta was completely opposite to his clan, he would avoid any form of fighting unless it is to protect his loved ones. At the age of 12 Munakta graduated from the academy, learning every single thing related to being a ninja. Every step he took , was being monitored by the Mizukage, due to his talent of observation skills in the battlefield. The Mizukage knew that ninja's like that were hard to come by, during the time. The only time Munakta was free of the surveillance was when he was solving puzzles at his home.

    During one night, Munakta was woken up by a loud commotion that was caused by the argument of his parents and three other unfamiliar voices he has never heard before. Munakta crept down the stairs and began to eves drop on the loud argument, to his demise Munakta heard something that wasn't meant to be heard by him. His father agreeing to sacrifice his life in order to save his wife and son. Munakta was frozen in shock, news like this wasn't meant to be heard by a any human. The trance was broken when he heard a loud thud fall upon the floor, Munakta leaped from the stairs and saw it...... the body of his father, laying there, lifeless. Munakta fells to his knees and wept, until he felt this rage and anger he never felt before, He took his fathers sword, and began to unleash his fury on the three ninja's originating from Konoha. Before the final blow was dealt, One of the ninja's casted a genjutsu upon him, causing him to Munakta to black out. The last surviving ninja fled from the scene, bloody and injured.

    Many years have passed,Munkata had an official summoning contract with dragonflies, making him the aerial threat of the mist and from that night Munakta can't go one day from remembering it like it was yesterday. Munukata knew staying at home would't help him improve his skills and strength, so it was time he set out and explore the ninja world. As he reached the village gates, he knew what he was.... he was an avenger !. On his travels Munukata visited Amegakure, to find out a ability that has always stood out to him.



    Having Mastered Water, Munukata can perform all water jutsu's with a single handseal.


    Having Mastered Wind Release, Munukata can perform Wind jutsu slightly faster than the average ninja's.

    Hidden Mist Perception

    Being born into one of the Kirigakure's most well known clans, Munakata is very used to the formidable mist. Being able to see more clearly in it than most opponents.

    Silent Killing

    Munakata can move through the mist without making a slight hint as to where his location may be.


    Munukata carries around a large number of ninja tools consisting of smoke bombs, seals, scrolls, kunai, shruiken etc. Munukatautilizes them to the maximum when in battle. Munukata also carries a dual katanas and a foldable fan on his back. For extra protection, Munukata always wears a gas mask with an eye shield that blocks out concentrated light which protects him from sudden flashes and gases. Munukatahas been know to always come into battle prepared.


    Munukata is the signer and owner of the Dragonfly contract.

    Theme Song and Background Music


    Won: N/a
    Lost: N/a

    Too be continued...

    Updating this

    Credits goes to Shade Dracova for the layout.

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    Re: Munakata Reisi

    Pretty nice looking bio. :D

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    Re: Munakata Reisi

    Decent bio:p

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    Re: Munakata Reisi

    eh i seen better
    jk nice job

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    Re: Munakata Reisi

    Nice bio mate

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    Re: Munakata Reisi


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    Re: Munakata Reisi

    Quote Originally Posted by Gecko View Post
    eh i seen better

    By the way, you'll protect my Sarubby through thick and thin right?

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